How Good a Girlfriend are You?

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You guys seem perfect, but what crazy things would you do for your boyfriend? Find out here

  • 1
    Your boyfriend wants to hug you in front of all your friends...
    You tell him you will later, because you don't feel comfortable about it right here
    You've already hugged in front of people...u do it like everyday
    You push him away telling him that this isn't the place or the time.
    You hug him passionately, it's just a hug right?
  • 2
    Your boyfriend wants to kiss for the first time...
    You yell "oh my god, there is no way that i would ever kiss you!' to get him stop
    You politely tell him you aren't ready
    You kiss him on the cheek, you just aren't comfortable with it yet
    You kiss him on the lips, but not a major kiss...just a nice quick one
    You make out with him wanting to make his first kiss one he will remember
  • 3
    Your boyfriend takes you to a movie, and he wants to see one that looks really stupid. You want to see one that looks funny and romantic...What do you do?
    You tell him that you really want to see your movie, and you will see his next time
    You tell him you'll sit through the stupid movie this time, but next time it's your choice
    You watch his movie, it's just a movie right?
    You spas out, telling him it's your movie or your leaving
    You see the movie with him, never letting him forget how stupid it was
  • 4
    Your boyfriend wants to hang with his best friend (who you absolutely hate) and was wondering if you wanted to come along
    You tell him that his friend is a nerd, and it's either him or you
    You hang out with them, trying to like his best friend and not cause a fuss
    You tell him that your busy, but you really wanted to go
    You go with him, and be rude to his friend the whole day
  • 5
    For valentines day, you get him a 50 $ hat, he gets you nothing.
    You dump him, if he was at all considerate he would have got you something
    You cry when he doesn't give you anything, just to make him feel bad
    You give him his present and make a joke out of how he didn't get you anything
    You don't give him his present, he obviously just doesn't think you guys are serious enough yet for exchanging gifts
  • 6
    On msn, his friend tells you that he has a crush on someone else...
    Ask him politely about it, you just want to know the truth
    You call him up right away and demand he tells you the truth
    You dump your boyfriend without asking questions, even if its a rumour you will not take the chance
    You cry all night and worry about how you might lose him
  • 7
    His cousin is coming to town, and you really wanted to spend the weekend with him...
    You let him spend time with his cousin
    You let him be, but remind him of that every time he wants to hang out with his friends
    You make him feel guilty about ditching you
    You ask if you can hang with both of them
  • 8
    He invites you to his hockey game...which you really don't care about
    You cheer him on, intensely watching everything he does
    You tell him you hate hockey and you would fall asleep if he made you go
    You come, but only pretend to be watching
    You tell him you can't and make up some excuse
  • 9
    Someone dies that he was really close to, and he comes over to your house really upset. You...
    You stay with him all day until he feels better
    You take him to wherever he wants, your treat
    You let him stay with you, but don't really do anything to help him
    Tell him to stop being such a girl
  • 10
    He tells you he loves you and he really means it. You
    Say that he is pretty cool too
    Tell him you love him, then lean in and kiss him
    Change the subject
    Tell him you love him too

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gayatree ( 6.204 )
Posted 196 days ago
thank you for this.i feel very proud to me
sk thando ploe ( 8.245 )
Posted 241 days ago
makes me feel much better
Eva Natashia ( 54.99 )
Posted 339 days ago
This Has Helped Mi Know And Understand What I Have To Do To Be A Better Girlfriend
Arceana l.k ( 79.49 )
Posted 342 days ago
i hope that this helps me figure out what i can do to be a better girl friend but maybe it is just to early we just started going out on 10-19-15