How Aryan are you?

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Will you survive World War III?

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    What is your hair colour?

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Akash (97446)
118 days ago
I am from Agra . First of all aryan theory which is based on colour of eyes,skin is totaly fake.. this theory given by a bloddy Britisher to separate indians on his fake idealogy... True meaning of aryan acoording to hinduism is noble by thoughts and karmas, not on skin,hair,eye colour...all that indian people who follows vedic hinduism,sikhism,budhism,jainism are pure aryans... may be it is south indian or north indian...if aryan theory based on body structure then.all great person had fair colour...
Junaid (58735)
136 days ago
I am quite an Aryan and Indian . the true Aryan came to India during Aryan invasion from middle Asia Minor (kurds and turks are also from there). But in India everyone thinks that he is Aryan because he is either Hindu or indian. But most of Indian have brown eyes and hair dark skin or slightly fair not all are cannot said to be Aryan.
Angel. (77527)
137 days ago
My mum told me I'm an Aryan. I am quite pale and I have blonde hair and blue eyes.
Friedrich (05890)
228 days ago
You seriously misunderstand what the traits of the aryan race are. Facial structure determines whether or not someone is aryan ONLY. The Kurds are far more aryan than many Europeans. The NSDAP, in reality, weren't interested in creating an aryan people anyway. They just wanted to make the current German population healthy. This obsession with blue eyes and blond hair is obviously allied propaganda. They didn't see one race as superior to another, just that they were different and thus should live separate from each-other (in different countries).
Groups which are aryan: Germanic and Nordic Europeans, Iranians, Kurds and Northern Indians. Also, there are theories that the Japanese are aryan but I haven't seen much evidence for it yet.
cunt💗er (22414)
301 days ago
apparently brunette isn't a hair colour
aryan101 (42977)
305 days ago
and you don't know what an aryan is, '
ગુજરાતી (63746)
377 days ago
I'm an Indian and my name is Aryan. And I'm much more Aryan than the Europeans because my ancestors were the original Aryans from whom Europeans got the word. But of course I'd be considered a subhuman in Germany and be killed right away.
eli3 (28920)
441 days ago
commmon guys and girls, what about me - dark haired and dark eyed girlie hmm? my facial features would match with aryans, so my hands and feet..also Im quite tall...but Im Hungarian...:S really none of you would like me? :(
Aryan Goddess (94629)
651 days ago
The only way to get an Aryan result is to be blonde, blue eyes and the palest. The rest accounts for only a third of what it means to be an Aryan.