Edward and Bella

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This is a quiz on all things Edward and Bella from the amazing Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.

  • 1
    Why does Bella move to Forks?
    Her mother got remarried
    Her father arranged a marriage for her and she needed to meet her future husband, Jacob Black
    She likes the rain
    She had heard of this TOTALLY adorable guy named Edward who went to Forks High School
    She's a vampire who was called to destroy the Quileute werewolves
  • 2
    When is the first time Edward saved Bella's life?
    When her cookie fell on the floor and he gave her his
    When she got attacked by an evil, man-eating fish named Fred
    When she jumped of a cliff on the Quileute Reservation
    When Tyler almost ran her over with his car
    When Jasper tried to kill her at her birthday party after she got a paper cut
  • 3
    Where are Edward and Bella when Edward can open up and be himself for the first time with a human?
    In Biology class
    The Alichanese clubhouse
    In his meadow
    In Disney World
  • 4
    Who is the Tracker trying to kill Bella and who is the only person who ever escaped him?
    James and Alice
    Fred the evil, man-eating fish and Ali
    Victoria and Emmett
    Taylor Swift and Hannah Montana
    Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers
  • 5
    What happens at Bella's 18th birthday party?
    Alice has a vision of a man-eating fish named Fred
    She dies
    Edward confesses his undying love for her, promising to never leave her, and asking if she will marry him
    Bella realizes she's in love with Emmett, not Edward, and Emmett dumps Rosalie
    She gets a paper cut
  • 6
    Who helps Bella recover after Edward leaves her and what is he?
    Fred; an evil, man-eating fish
    Mike Newton; a hot human guy who looks like Zac Efron
    Nick Jonas; a really, really, really cute rock star who came to Forks looking for me, but found Bella instead
    Edward; a stupid human boy
    Jacob Black; a werewolf
  • 7
    Who tells Edward Bella has killed herself and where does he go?
    Rosalie; Volterra, Italy
    Fred, the evil, man-eating fish; Alichaniland
    Ben; Dutch Fork Middle School
    Alice; Rome, Italy
  • 8
    Where do Edward and Bella go at the beginning of Eclipse? Why do they go there?
    Jacksonville, Florida, to visit Bella's mother
    Alichaniland, to visit Fred, the evil, man-eating fish
    Miami, Florida, to meet Flo Rida
    Hollywood, to go to a Jonas Brothers' concert because Edward got backstage passes and they got to meet Kevin, Joe, and Nick and they all became BFF's!
  • 9
    Who kidnaps Bella the second time and what happens?
    Edward; Bella agrees to marry him
    No one. Actually, it was Edward who got kidnapped the second time and I only did it to convince him that country music is really good and he shouldn't be so stereotypical
    Rosalie; she tells Bella how she became a vampire
    Harry Potter; he's secretly a HUGE fan of the Twilight series and wanted to meet the star
    Fred, the evil, man-eating fish; he's working for the werewolves and they're mad at Bella for loving vampires
  • 10
    What happens at the end of Eclipse?
    How am I supposed to know THAT? You act like I'm some obsessed fan or something!
    Ashley Tisdale comes with the Volturi and they all dance while she sings her hit single, "He Said, She Said"
    Fred, the evil, man-eating fish comes and confesses his love to Bella and she says she loves him too, but she loves Edward more
    Bella realizes she's in love with Jacob, but she loves Edward more, so she decides it's time to tell Charlie about the engagement

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