How much do you love him?

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Find out how much you really do love him!

  • 1
    When he stares at you, you....
    Stare back
    Make faces
    Look away
  • 2
    When he smiles and says "Hi!" to you, you....
    Ignore it all together
    Smile, and say "Hello,"
    Smile and wave
  • 3
    If he calls/called you, you....
    Pretend not to be able to answer call
    Ignore it and call him back later
    Answer and talk to him for ever!
  • 4
    He asks/asked you to meet him after school, you....
    Just run away
    Say "Not today."
    Tell him yes and the place where you should meet
  • 5
    He asks you out(the guy you like), and you say...
    "Yes!: D"
    " No, I have a b/f."
  • 6
    If he pressures you to have sex with him you...(and you aren't ready)
    "Yes, how bout my house"
    " Sure, and you don't need condoms."
    "No, I am not ready for that."
  • 7
    He and you are ready to maybe go out on a date you..
    Focus on school and when you get home get ready after you do your school work
    Spend all night getting ready
    Brag to all your friends
  • 8
    He says "I love you..." you.......
    " I love you too."
    Hesitate then say "I love you?"
    Say "I don't love you...."
  • 9
    He sends you a dozen roses for Valentines day, you..
    Through them on the floor
    Give them back
    Say: "Thank-you they are beautiful, I love you.."
  • 10
    He has to leave you in your sexual health class and work with the really pretty in your class, you...
    Get all jealous
    Do nothing cause you trust him, and watch him....
    Slap her face and call her a slut...
  • 11
    His phone is off and he is at a girls' house you..
    Get mad and find the house
    Try back later and hope for the best
    Confront him about it tomorrow...
  • 12
    He tells you " I am going to need you trust me more.." you......
    Say "OK" and just watch him very closely
    Slap his face and say "you already have enough trust!"
    Say "NO!"
  • 13
    He is getting a new job, guys strip cubs, when he will serve drinks naked to all kinds of pretty ladies you.......
    Get upset at first, but then think if he loves him he wouldn't cheat on me..
    Say "no, you can't work there!"
    Dump him
  • 14
    He starts drinking and hanging out with the stoner's you.......
    Let him go and do what ever he wants
    Confront him to make sure he isn't doing bad things
    Dump him
  • 15
    He is moving far away and is only able to come back 1 a year, you...
    Ask him to stay, for you
    Say "well I can't guarantee it will work but we can give it a try.."
    Dump him, they never work...

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