Which Bartimaeus character are you most like? quiz by Red ^^

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Does your personality resemble one of the characters from the Bartimaeus Trilogy? Take this quiz to find out! (for everyone!)

  • 1
    You are walking down the street when you see some robbers stealing an old lady's purse (you may or may not be on a mission for a magician who summoned you). What do you do?
    Sniff, "can't you take care of yourself?" to the lady, then continue on my way. Weakling.
    I carefully sneak up behind the robbers and take them out, then flee before I am recognised.
    Ask the robbers politely whether they would kindly give the lady her purse back, and if they don't comply, call someone to take them out.
    Yell, "Hey you!", then attack all the robbers at once. And win, of course. Bring it on!
    I call for assistance. I can't take out the robbers on my own, but I know some people who can...
  • 2
    Do you support the commoner's uprising against the government?
    I'm impartial. I just like goading the two sides on to annoy each other.
    Who cares? Why do YOU want to know, anyway?
    I am not present during this time, however, I believe everyone deserves some freedom now and then.
    I may secretly, but no one can know. My reputation depends on it. Outwardly I am a firm believer in the government.
    Heck yeah! They totally have the right idea.
  • 3
    Would you like to be able to use magic? (any type of resilience counts)
    Yeah, whatever.
    I suppose I would. Then I wouldn't have to ask others to use it for me.
    I have others to do that for me.
    I sure would, and resilience is especially helpful!
    Duh, I already can! Who did you think I was, Ascobol?
  • 4
    Of these, which is your preferred weapon?
    Something dignified. I don't want to look like an idiot!
    A dagger. Get in close, big damage, and a challenge from dodging close attacks! But I can be flexible for any kind!
    Who cares?
    Magic! Oh yeah, AND it's long range so I'm not as involved! (And less likely to be hurt, but...)
    I don't want a weapon. I prefer words and a diplomatic solution.
  • 5
    Describe your personality. How do you see yourself? (pick the closest answer.)
    Sarcastic; I like to see my enemies suffer, and I like to be in the spotlight as well. I'm also very proud and scornful.
    I am loyal to whichever because I have committed myself to, even if it begins to turn out badly. I am a strong willed person, but I have a softer side as well.
    Cunning and brave; I'm indecisive at times but I know I can take charge. I like action.
    Witty, charming, COMPLETELY honest ( most of the time, anyway), brave, daring, swift, undefeatable, and modest. Say, did you hear about the time I single-handedly saved the world? Impressive, right? (Well, there were a few others involved... but anyway...)
    Caring. smart, and trusting. I am loyal to my friends and a strong leader but I don't want a big responsibility, like being Pharaoh. I prefer a quiet, studious life.
  • 6
    Which of these words sounds most appealing?
    Who cares about words? I don't.
    Practical joke (What do you mean, that's two words?)
  • 7
    What is your favorite color? Wait, no, don't hurt me! *runs and hides*
    Why do you care? I don't have a favorite color...
    Gray, it conforms
    Purple, it's unique!
    Red, yeah, I like red.
    Gold, or green, I suppose.
  • 8
    What is your general mood?
    Sullen and moody, but outwardly I am content and eager to please.
    Oh, I love this question! Sometimes I'm playful, sometimes I'm angry... I'm a moody person, you never KNOW what to expect!
    Irritable. I have too much on my mind.
    Calm and collected. I mostly focus on my work.
    Sarcastic. It's fun to make others uncomfortable, and taunt them too!
  • 9
    You receive a telephone call from a solicitor who wants to sell you a new product. What do you tell them?
    Nah, I don't want one! *hangs phone up* (Solicitor: You don't even know what I'm selling yet!)
    I'm too busy to think about it right now. Call me back some other time, when I can focus.
    *grumbles threateningly, then slams phone down*
    No thank you, sir/ madam, perhaps some other time.
    Um, no thanks... sorry... *hangs up phone*
  • 10
    Did you like my quiz?
    Why would I like your quiz? Why would you even THINK I would like your quiz? Geez...
    Yes, it was very entertaining.
    I suppose, I need to get working now... can I just see my results?
    Sure. It was okay.
    Yeah, sure, whatever you say, kiddo.

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