What personality do you have?

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Everyone is special/unique in their own way. Find out how you are today!

  • 1
    When out on a night on the town, you usually end up...
    ...drinking until you vomit drive back home.
    ...taking care of your rowdy friends.
    ...end up sleeping with a different girl every time, start shit with cops/bouncers/librarians.
    ...not going out after all. You decided to stay in just like last time.
    ...go shopping.
  • 2
    Two of your friends are talking out their problems with one another. You think to yourself...
    ...that is a responsible way to settle things.
    ...I am leaving. There's a hot chick close by and she wants me, I can sense it.
    ...they shouldn't talk it out, they should fight.
    ...I don't want to be here. The tension between them is killing me. This is giving me anxiety.
    ...think? Screw that: I say aloud which friend I agree with.
  • 3
    Two beautiful women want to have a threesome with you...
    There's a catch... they are going to rob me more than likely.
    No thanks. I don't think I could manage one woman let alone two.
    Just flow with it, see what happens. Could be a good night with or without them.
    Nothing new; happens all of the time.
    I'm in.
  • 4
    A man points a gun at you demanding all of your valuables...
    You run away.
    You'd beat the crap out of them.
    You give them all of your money and meet their every demand. Even sexual.
    You give them all of your money but would struggle if they tried anything sexual.
    You try to talk your way out of it. Might as well try, right?
  • 5
    You're visiting a petting zoo, a sign says no feeding the animals... but oh, you found some coarse grains to give them... what do you do?
    Feed the animals.
    I'm just here for the babes. I'll probably get laid any second now... and not by an animal either.
    Do not feed the animals, just pet them.
    Jump on one of the animals with the grain in hand claiming it to be your royal stead.
    If I found some coarse grain, those animals will probably find it eventually.
  • 6
    NASA is sending civilians into space and you've been selected to take a test to see if you are eligible for admission. Do you...
    ...take the test, wish for the best.
    ...take the test and draw a little smile face at the bottom in hopes NASA will find you to be an enjoyable out going individual.
    ...ignore the test. You can barely stand plane flights, let alone space.
    ...take the test. You always wanted to have sex in space.
    ...ignore the test. It's probably a con from public broad casting asking for hand outs.
  • 7
    It's your sister's 13th birthday and you have to give her a gift...
    ...I don't buy her a gift.
    ...I remember what the gift is and I get it for her.
    ...I buy her a cheap alternative for the gift she wanted.
    ...I buy her a gift I know she won't want, albeit I want it. Hopefully she will just let me have it.
    ...I ask her what she wants because I forgot entirely, or I just hand her cash.
  • 8
    What's your favorite day of the week (excluding weekends)?
    Friday (PARTY!)
    Thursday (Oh man, tomorrow is the last day)
    Tuesday (I love this day for some arbitrary reason)
    Wednesday (HUMP DAY)
    Monday (Ah, a fresh start to a new week)
  • 9
    If you were a star wars character...
    ...I'd be Lord Vader, of course. Ultimate evil but secretly good on the inside like nugget in a snickers bar.
    I'd be C3P0
    Never watched Star Wars... isn't Yodo a character there? Or Yoda? I forget. Too cool for that.
    Side character, hopefully one that doesn't die.
    Luke Skywalker, main character. I'm always the main character.
  • 10
    Boy scouts...
    ...legally start fires. I love fire.
    ...allow girls to join, but none ever do. It's not my scene.
    ...are all nerds.
    ...are filled with homosexuals.
    ...are a great means for children-young adults to discover themselves and learn a bit about the world around them.
  • 11
    Which is your most favorable color?
    Don't care.
  • 12
    Is this test boring?
    Hell yes!
    The test isn't boring, the person writing it is.
    Nah, I rely on tests to tell me who I am as a person.
    I heard a rumour that there are pictures of naked ladies at the end, so it's worth it.
    I have nothing better to do.
  • 13
    Are you in college?
    Don't need college to survive.
    Hell yeah, party scene.
    No, too rich for my blood.
    I didn't even make it through high school!
    Heck yes, I have career goals.
  • 14
    If given a choice, I'd rather...
    ...have sex with my mother.
    ...remain trapped in one moment in time no longer being able to interact with anyone; aging decades before even a fraction of a second passes for anyone else alive.
    ...fight a lion.
    ...talk someone down from a bad trip.
  • 15
    You are trapped in a maze, your course of action is...
    ...cry for help after stumbling around for a few hours aimlessly.
    ...leave markings on the walls/floor to know where I've been so far, and continue travelling.
    ...remain where I am and wait for someone to find me.
    ...to bust through the walls of the maze. Nothing can stop me.
    ...walk around aimlessly. Life can be like that sometimes, no need to fret.
  • 16
    ...never heard of it.
    ...I hate sudoku. I feel dumb when I try, so I just don't.
    ...I look up answers in the back when I am stuck.
    ...I do them on the toilet. Sometimes I can't solve them, I come back later to see if I can. Not a big deal.
    ...I fill in all of the answers from the back and let it lay around on my coffee table so people think I'm intelligent
  • 17
    You find your favorite pet dead...
    ...I send it to a taxidermist.
    ...I cry.
    ...I tell people so they will pity me.
    ...I vomit everywhere. Sick. Maybe someone will get rid of it for me.
    ...all things die. Oh well.
  • 18
    You have Body Odor
    Who cares?
    Another layer of deodorant
    I'll shower ASAP, until then I am busy
    I admire my own scent
    Shower right away
  • 19
    A genie pops out of a bottle, you get one wish.
    I wish I wasn't so G-dang attractive. Women can't get enough of me, I need a break.
    I wish I had magical powers.
    I wish for enough change in pennies to buy a Mars Bar and a Pepsi
    I wish I was rich, powerful, cool, etc.
  • 20
    Where is Waldo?
    No idea, but his girlfriend is with me. She felt neglected.
    He's at the club getting tipsy.
    He's in your smile.
    In children's books.
    Who is Waldo?

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