Are you a theatre geek?

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Are you a theatre geek? Find out here. If you are, join the club. We meet every Thursday... after practice.

  • 1
    It’s the day before auditions for the school play. What are you doing?
    Laughing at everyone who is trying to memorize their lines. Who cares!
    Debating whether or not you want to take a stab at auditioning.
    Taking another glance at the audition packet. You're going to be fine.
    Going over what you are going to do in your audition. *Hm, I think I can incorporate a dance number into this..."
  • 2
    It’s 5:00pm. Where are you?
    Out and about. I have a life.
    I just got out of practice.
    At practice. It's going to be a long night.
    At home. Maybe watching TV or on-line.
  • 3
    Which of these are you?
    A "jack-of-all-trades." I do it all: acting, tech, stage managing, publicity, costumes, set, props, you name it, I do it.
    A sometimes actor/actress. Maybe some other stuff.
    An audience member.
    I like sports, thank you.
  • 4
    Now, for less serious questions. You have an hour to kill before practice starts. What are you doing?
    Out getting food. Or driving around.
    Sitting on stage or in the tech booth talking to your friends.
    Doing homework.
    Running around the stage trying to figure out how you could perform an amateur production of "Cats." *All alone with the memories..."
  • 5
    Which of these is your theatre-related motto?
    It's too bright on stage!
    All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely faulty props.
    I'm here because I have to be.
    What happens in the tech booth, stays in the tech booth.
  • 6
    What do techies say on the headsets?
    I don't know. I'm usually watching from the audience.
    Stay away from the headsets. You *will* get hit on.
    Not occupied with the techies. Don't care.
    The one time I stole a headset and I heard something about cake. I stopped listening.
  • 7
    Do you sing show tunes?
    Uh... no. I hit people who sing show tunes. "Love me, that's all I ask of you?" SHUT UP, is all I ask of you.
    On occasion. They're fun.
    I'll hum them every now and then. I'm not big on the lyrics.
    Of course. They're always stuck in my head. *Nothing gets me through a psych. test like "Any Dream Will Do"*
  • 8
    Have you ever dressed up as the Phantom or another character from it?
    Only at parties.
    Oh yes. You should see the pictures.
    Once. For Halloween.
    No. That's lame. Just like this quiz.
  • 9
    Do you stage photographs?
    On occasion. Usually backstage.
    I'll take pictures of people at curtain call. That's about it.
    Remember- I said you should see my photographs from Phantom. Is it bad that I screamed when I discovered the spiral staircase leading to the tech booth?
    Not theatre related. No way.
  • 10
    How many theatre-related shirts do you own?
    1 or 2.
    About 5.
    None. I wear concert shirts.
    At least 10. For the shows, for the drama club, for the competitions... okay, maybe more
  • 11
    Define: “thespian.”
    Isn't that a girl who likes other girls?
    Someone in theatre.
    An actor or actress involved in stage work and theatre arts. Taken from the name of the first actor: Thespis (spelling might be incorrect on that)
    An actor or actress.
  • 12
    Have you ever…
    Changed lighting gels.
    Been to a practice that lasted more than 8 hours. *take my word for it, it's tiring*
    Volunteered to do extra work for a production.
    Thrown a tomato at an actor.
  • 13
    How many shows have you been involved in/seen?
    Everything that was ever staged at school... plus I've seen a few shows outside and I did some community theatre.
    Most of the shows at school.
    About 5.
    One. And they made me.
  • 14
    How do you plan to “woo” your crush?
    Ask them out.
    Take the most romantic line you know and play off it.
    I don't woo. Trust me. I don't woo.
    Present him/her with roses and serenade them with songs from Phantom.
  • 15
    What are on the walls of your room?
    Theatre posters, movie posters, etc.
    All concert stuff and bands. And girls/boys. Lots of them.
    Movie posters, magazine clippings.
    Posters from all the shows you've been in at school and from Broadway shows you absolutely adore.

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