Who are you in a fantasy adventure?

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Who do you think you are in a fantasy adventure? Are you the one who fights unto death, or the coward who hides in the bushes? Take this quiz and find out.

  • 1
    What do you arm yourself with when you go out?
    An axe. The best thing for hacking away at something.
    Nothing. Why would you need to have weapons when you walk outside?
    The Regular: a sword at the waist and a dagger in your shoe.
    A small knife or sling. Good for bothering others.
    A bow. It helps to attack from great distances: good for hunting and fighting the unknown.
  • 2
    If you were hunting in the forest, how would you find your food?
    Trudge across the trails until you see something jump out in front of you.
    Maybe find some berries and other small tidings.
    Look at tracks and see where there might be animals.
    You'd never hunt defenceless creatures. Leave it to the others.
    Find a small bush to hide behind and wait patiently until you see something.
  • 3
    If a friend were kidnapped by the enemy force, what would you do?
    Go running after the enemies, demanding to have your friend back.
    Go after the enemies, trailing just behind them until the moment is right to strike.
    Get distressed about it, but in the end go off to try and find a way to get them back.
    Wisely try to find a way to compromise with the enemies. Maybe they'd be willing to trade something for him/her.
    Fret about the sadness of the conflict but do not interfere in the end. It's not your place.
  • 4
    Why would you be in the adventure?
    Your loyalties force you into the situation. You know you have to go to truly show that you're worthy.
    The only way to truly know if the end of the adventure went the right way is to be in it to help along the way.
    You want to come along for the fun. How cool it would be to fight a dragon!
    You were somehow involved and became part of it. You really didn't want to have anything to do with it, though.
    You want to do what's right for yourself and your people. This is how you honour them.
  • 5
    What would you do if you and your friends on the adventure were facing an angry mob of trolls that had missed lunch?
    Run at them with an axe or other heavy weapon. Take as many down as you can.
    Hide or flee. You don't want to know what happened to the others; as long as you're safe, nothing else matters.
    Protect the younger, more defenceless of your group. You would protect them until the end.
    Find a spot a safe distance away and fight without putting yourself in danger.
    Use a sling to defend yourself, trying to get the trolls irritated enough to fight carelessly. Then, you'd let the other take them down.
  • 6
    How would you think of yourself in the group you are adventuring with?
    The patient one, the one who will break up fights between everyone.
    The brave one, the one who will protect them all.
    The funny one, the one who will make the others laugh in tight situations.
    The arrogant one, the one who believes they can take on anything and not get a scratch.
    The most defenceless one, the one who will need to be protected.
  • 7
    What would you do if you found out that the enemy force would come to your village and raid it?
    Go with a scouting troupe to see how far away the enemies were and if you would be able to take them down before they got to you.
    Go to the king or other controller of the village and demand the best defencive strategy be in order.
    Put on your armour and get ready for when the enemies strike, knowing that you'd win against them anyway.
    Get all supplies to the main fort, including weapons and food.
    Flee from the village and go to the nearest ally.
  • 8
    How would you define your personality as?
    You are often laughed at, either because of the way your ears stand out or because of your joking nature.
    You're prissy and defiant. You also hate that you can't take fresh showers when you're out in the woods.
    You keep to yourself, judging the others to see if they're fit enough for the adventure.
    You're sometimes rude to the others, and say things that others do not say because it is too bold.
    You are easy going and kind-natured. You're patient enough to not get in fights with the others.
  • 9
    What would be the most likely place you would adventure to?
    The forest. It's easiest for better defence.
    Anywhere with food close by. You might get tired, and food will keep you refreshed.
    Anywhere that sparks your curiosity.
    Anywhere. You're well-prepared for any landscape or creature.
    An outlandish mall. There are probably cool clothes just waiting to be looked at.
  • 10
    What would you like to do if you had time to yourself?
    Rest. You will probably need it if others ask for you do anything that you need lots of strength for.
    Scout around, making sure that nothing is close by and out of the ordinary.
    Wander around the area, discovering new things and messing with the wildlife.
    Groom yourself. Make sure there are no twigs in your hair and you don't have mud all over your gown.
    Eat. There must be food around, and you really do need to refresh yourself.

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