How much do you know about Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse?

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Search your brain for knowledge about all your favorite characters in Stephanie Meyer's vampire love series.

  • 1
    Why does Edward leave?
    He thinks he is bad for Bella
    He is ashamed because Jasper attacked Bella
    He doesn't love her
  • 2
    How does Bella learn Edward's a vampire?
    She looked it up on-line
    She guessed
    By using Jacob Black when learning about the Quileute legends
  • 3
    What is the first thing Edward saves Bella from?
    The four men in Port Angeles
    Tyler's speeding van
    Gym class
  • 4
    How many vampires are in the Forks coven?
  • 5
    How old was Edward when Carlisle changed him?
  • 6
    How long has Edward been a vampire?
    Almost 50 years
    Almost 250 years
    Almost 100 years
  • 7
    Where are the Volturi located?
  • 8
    What kind of car did Alice steal in Italy?
    A mustang
    A Volvo
    A Porch
  • 9
    Why does Edward try to get the Volturi to kill him?
    He feels there is nothing left to live for
    He thinks Bella is dead
    He is upset because he had to leave Bella
  • 10
    What does Bella get to help her break her promises to Charlie and Edward?
    Hiking gear
    A motorcycle
    Cliff diving equipment
  • 11
    What is imprinting?
    Falling and leaving a face print on the ground
    Writing for a newspaper
    When a werewolf finds their soul mate
  • 12
    Does Bella love Jacob?
    Yes, exactly the same way as Edward
    Yes, but not in the same way as Edward
  • 13
    Who is Sam Uley?
    The oldest werewolf in La Push
    Jacob's real father
    The La Push gang leader
  • 14
    What is wrong with Jacob?
    He is a werewolf
    He is a gang member
    He's dying
  • 15
    What does Jacob do to Bella in Eclipse?
    Kisses her
    Beats her
    Leaves her
  • 16
    Why do the Volturi promise to check on Bella?
    They want to keep her safe
    They think she would be a good body guard and they wish to study her.
    Edward is supposed to make her a vampire
  • 17
    What happened at Bella's 18th birthday party?
    Victoria attacked
    She fainted
    Jasper attacked her because of a paper cut
  • 18
    Who was James' mate?
  • 19
    How do you kill a vampire?
    Expose them to sunlight
    Drive a steak through their heart
    Tear them apart and burn the pieces
  • 20
    Who was making the newborns in Seattle?
  • 21
    Who is James?
    Part of the clan in Denali
    The hunter
    Carlisle's cousin
  • 22
    How does James lure Bella to Phoenix?
    He makes her think he has her mother
    He has Victoria take her there
    He kidnaps her
  • 23
    Who changed Alice into a vampire?
    An older vampire trying to save her from James
  • 24
    When will Edward change Bella?
    When she graduates
    When she's old
    When she marries him
  • 25
    What does Jacob give to Bella as a graduation gift?
    A shirt
    A kiss
    A bracelet with a carving of a wolf
  • 26
    What color were Edward's eyes when he was human?
  • 27
    What happens when Edward goes in the sun?
    He explodes
    He shrivels to ash
    The sun shines off of him
  • 28
    What do Sam and his "followers" call themselves?
    The protectors
    Hall monitors gone bad
    The guardians

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