Could you survive in Tolkien's Middle Earth?

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Would you be able to survive in the famous world of Lord of the Rings? Take this quiz to see! (for everyone, role play style!)

  • 1
    It is a regular night at your house. You are just about to go to bed, when suddenly you find that you are being sucked into one of your copies of Lord of the Rings! You have just enough time to grab three items (if you don't own any of these, just pretend that you do). What do you take?
    Some food, a blanket, and a jacket
    A teddy bear, a flashlight, and my diary (if you are a boy, a journal)
    A Swiss army pocket knife, some food like trail mix or water, and matches.
  • 2
    You are knocked out for a few minutes upon arrival. When you wake up, you discover that you still have the items you grabbed before leaving and are in a dark forest in the middle of a dirt path. It is nighttime. What do you do?
    I look around in terror and scream! The woods are freaking me out, and there's no civilization! I'm scared!
    I look around, then back up against a tree (or in it) and spend the night trying to stay away from bugs and wild animals.
    I find a spot close to the road where I can stay the night, find some wood to build a fire, and try to sleep.
  • 3
    You wake up in the morning to the sound of rushing water. You are extremely thirsty, but you discover that the water bottle you brought is actually empty, and losing sight of the road could guarantee you getting lost. What do you do?
    I run off towards the water.
    I go to find the river or stream, but along the way I leave trail markers every few feet so I don't get lost.
    I stay where I am and eat some trail mix to keep my mind off it.
  • 4
    You reach the source of the water and get a drink. You start to head back but realize you have no idea where the road is, and any trail markers you left are lost in the wild undergrowth. What do you do?
    I try to climb a tree to see if I can spot the road, then head in the general direction of it.
    I panic and run in circles, looking frantically for some sign of my camp.
    I run in the opposite direction that I was facing when I discovered the stream. I took a straight path, after all!
  • 5
    You find your camp, but hear horses coming up the road. You try to hide but are unsuccessful, and a company of elves comes into view. They dismount and ask you, "Man carel le?" What do you do?
    I scream and run away.
    I know that we can't understand one another and so I try to communicate using sign language.
    I point to myself and say, "Melon" over and over.
  • 6
    Your attempts of communication or attempt to escape fail, and the elves take you to their king. What do you do?
    Faint from all of the immense pressure. (me: *fans frantically* Are you okay?)
    Bow, and try to make them understand how I got here.
    Panic and try to run away.
  • 7
    The elves let you go and you find yourself back at your campsite. However, there is a team of three dwarfs investigating your stuff, particularly your pocketknife. You are defenseless. What do you do?
    Make your presence known, and try to get your stuff back.
    Wait for them to leave.
    Scream and slap them in a fit of rage.
  • 8
    You are successful! The dwarfs leave and you find yourself alone once again. You realize that you may be able to get out of the forest before night comes, a definite plus. What do you do?
    I pack up and follow the road, looking for a way out.
    I kick a tree and throw a fit. It makes me feel better and besides, this stinking forest is better than whatever's out there anyway! (me: ooooookay.....)
    I pack up but stay at the campsite. I want to go but it may be safer to stay where I am.
  • 9
    You leave the forest, anyway, and suddenly meet a group of humans traveling the same way you are. You explain your situation to them and they say that they can help you get back home if you will do something for them in exchange. Do you take the offer?'d be nice to get home!
    I want to know what I have to do first... THEN I'll decide.
    YES! YES! I can go HOME! I'll do ANYTHING!
  • 10
    The men tell you that all you have to do is find them a special plant: clover. Obviously this won't do any harm, so you find some for them. They thank you profusely and send you home. It turns out that a popular storybook in Middle Earth features your modern life on Earth...
    *goes home, but would like to do more exploring in Middle Earth* Well, that was interesting!
    *goes home* Whatever. *falls asleep*
    *GOES HOME! GOES HOME!* (me: alright already!) you: *does happy dance*

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