Which Scandinavian country should you live in?

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Based on your personality, this short quiz will match you with the best country to your personality; Are you more like Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, or Iceland?

  • 1
    Which setting sounds the best?
    Urban with a fair amount of people
    Rural with one major city I can easily get to
    Urban with as much people as possible
  • 2
    What is most important to you?
    Drugs and loving life
    My job
    Snow and my family
    Scenery and clean fun
    Just keep secluded and safe
  • 3
    Pick an animal
    Not really an animal person
  • 4
    As a country, you would probably...
    Conquer large countries to make up for our small one
    Get as independent as we could then leave everybody alone
    As long as we're not Russian, we're fine
    Gain power and conquer other countries
    Just to whatever, don't want to piss anyone off!
  • 5
    Pick a color
    Lots of blue...and a little red
    Blue and white
    Blue and yellow
    Red and white
    Lots of red...and a little blue
  • 6
    Weather would be...
    Snow and rain
    A little drizzle once and a while, but just gray skies
    The snowiest you can be
  • 7
    What best fits you if you owned a country?
    Again, as long as we're not Russia, we're fine
    Leave us alone, we don't want anyone
    We'll expand a bit
    We're small, but i want to be big!
    Conquer when you can, it's real the best thing to do in your spare time
  • 8
    Caribou and strange foods
    Finest and best everything, especially cheese
    Beer and fish
  • 9
    If you couldn't live in your favorite Scandinavian country, where else would you live?
    Russia, Latvia, Estonia...
  • 10
    How good of a student are you?
    A+ student
    So So
    Good I guess, but drugs sex and alcohol get in the way
    It varies, but I strive to do no less but the best
    Pretty good