Twilight, By Stephenie Meyer

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Questions about what happens it Twilight, from beginning to end. Only goes to end of Twilight, not to New Moon, or further on. About Edward Cullen, all the other Cullens, Bella Swan, and more!

  • 1
    Where did Bella move to, that made her so sad?
    Reservation in Washington, DC
    Forks, Washington
  • 2
    What were the names of Bella's parents?
    Rosalie and Carlisle
    Edward and Alice
    Renee and Charlie
    Ronald and Clair
    She was an orphan who never knew her parents
  • 3
    Why did she move?
    Her mother was abusing her, and she ran away.
    Her mom was remarrying, and was unhappy staying at home, with her new husband away, working.
    Her dad was abusing her, so she ran away
    Her mom died, and she was forced to move with her dad
    Her dad was remarrying, and was moving
  • 4
    Who was the first classmate she met, who was friendly to her?
    Alice Cullen
    Angela Webber
    Jessica Stanley
    Mike Newton
    Eric Yorkie
  • 5
    How did she describe Mike, after the first day?
    Like a dog, following around his owner
    Quiet, shy, kind
    Mean, rude, a jerk
  • 6
    How did she describe the Cullens as she saw them?
    All inhumanly beautiful, all alike in all ways,
    All were ugly, but the youngest boy
    All, inhumanly beautiful. all different, but so alike.
    Ugly creatures, that should hide in the night
  • 7
    How did Edward act in biology, and what did Mike say as they were walking to gym?
    Edward and Bella don't have the same bio class
    Edward ignored her, like she never existed, and Mike called him a lousy jerk, for ignoring her
    Edward acted as though he already hated her, Mike asked if she stabbed him with a pencil
    Edward looked at her in love, Mike said that they were meant to be together forever
    Mike and Bella were sitting next to each other, and Edward wasn't in that grade
  • 8
    Whose van almost killed Bella, and who saved her?
    This scene never happened!
    Tyler Crowley almost hit her, and Edward saved her
    Edward's van, Tyler Crowley saved her
    Mike Newton's car almost hit her, but he swerved in time, and saved her
    Jessica Stanley almost hit her, Alice Cullen saved her
  • 9
    Who told Bella the rumour of what Edward and all the Cullens were?
    Jacob Black
    Mike Newton
    Rachel Black
    Billy Black
    Jessica Stanley
  • 10
    What happened the night Bella found out what Edward was?
    Edward was about to drink her blood, and she realized right before she died, that he was a vampire
    Alice had told her while they were doing their nails
    She never found out...
    She was almost seduced/killed/robbed by a bunch of drunk thugs, Edward saved her, Bella ate dinner, he watched her eat, and on the way home, she told him what she thought he was
    They were on a date
  • 11
    What sport did Bella watch them play?
    They were driving in the NASCAR, Sprint Cup, Daytona 500 race
    Pie eating contest...
    Vampire baseball
  • 12
    Who interrupted them?
    James, Victoria, and Laurent, a vampire love triangle, who were all vegetarian vampires
    James, Victoria, and Laurent, a small coven of vicious vampires
    James, a human
    James and Victoria, making love in a bush,
  • 13
    Who with, and where was Bella forced to flee to?
    Jasper, they both broke their lovers' heart, and ran off to be together
    This book was never made...
    Edward, the fled to Alaska, to be together even though Esme hated Bella
    Alice and Jasper, they stayed in an airport for a bit, and then left for Phoenix, Arizona
    Alice, they were lesbians who wanted to be away from the rest of them
  • 14
    Where did James trick her into going, and how?
    James tricked her into going to a ballet studio, by tricking her into thinking he had her mother
    What is Twilight?
    This never happened, because the book Twilight is a part of your imagination
    Victoria was the one who tricked her to go to Alaska
    This event never happened, she fled with HIM because they loved each other
  • 15
    Who was James' only other target that he never killed?
    Mike Newton
    All the Cullens were targets that he never got to
    Alice Cullen
    He never tracked before
  • 16
    Who saved Bella? How?
    All the Cullens, but mostly Edward, because he sucked the venom out of her system
    Again, this never happened!
    James, he saved her after Edward started abusing her
    She never was saved...she died on the scene
  • 17
    What did Edward say about needles and vampires in the hospital?
    "wow, both needles and vampires have no effect on you"
    "A sadistic vampire, bent on killing you, sure, no problem, you run of and meet him, but an IV..."
  • 18
    Where would Bella have moved to with her mother if she didn't want to stay near Edward?
    Her mom died...
    Back to Phoenix
    Jacksonville, Florida

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