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10 Questions - Developed by: Marissa! - Developed on: - 9.688 taken - User Rating: 2.39 of 5.0 - 18 Votes

WARNING: This will be the best quiz you will EVER take. I suggest you don't do it if you don't have what it takes...

  • 1
    What the gut?
    Whoa, like, hi!
  • 2
    How are you?
    Like, whoa, I'm like, so like, pretty good like!
    Go away you @$$#%!&
    No! Waffles come back!
    What the pee?
    OK I guess.
  • 3
    Are you normal?
    Well like, I sort of like, guess so, like, like...ya.
    *Sniff sniff * Ewe, you smell like dead people.
    What the Cheerio?
    NO MY WAFFLES ARE GONE! Gr, get back here!
  • 4
    Hey you chunky bean dip, gimme back my waffle!
    What the cheese balls?
    No way, you can't make me sing you fat @!#$%^
    Like, why the heck like, would I like, do, like, that?
  • 5
    Get a perm.
    *Takes syrup from bean dip* I need that too! *Pours syrup on waffle*
    Like, good like, idea like! I was like, going like, to like, do like, that like!
    What the cracked metal detector?
    No thanks, I like my hair as is.
    No you @!#$%^, get out of my face!
  • 6
    Give me your fries.
    Like, what the heck, like, is like, wrong with you like, these like, are like, my fries!
    ...*Eats waffle*
    Why do you keep telling me to do stuff? WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?
    What the nose ring?
  • 7
    WORLD FAMOUS QUESTION: What is your favorite color?
    What the pencil shavings?
    Ooh, look at the pretty donkey! *Feeds it bean dip*
    Like, whoa, like, its like, definitely like pink! Like, pink is like, so like,
    Red and black because it helps me take over the world.
  • 8
    Am I your friend?
    No, no donkey, don't leave me like that! NO! *Five months later* I hope you like your funeral donkey. *Sniff*
    Uh... I guess...
    Like, I like, don't like, even like, know like, you.
    HECK no.
    What the ripped flower petal?
  • 9
    .... *snore*
    *Puts flowers on grave*
    Like, why are you like, sleep like, ing?
    You know, I feel like dying.
    What the pickle warts?
    Um, hello?
  • 10
    Huh? What? oh, sorry. Uh, is this the last question? Oh right, it is. Um... what question should I ask? I'm out of ideas.
    Can I rip your eyes out? Well if it was a question then YOU should say, "Can you rip my eyes out?" and I'll do so! It's the perfect plan, just like taking over the world.
    I don't know, and it won't do anything because this is the last question...
    Like, oh I like, know! Like, ask what our like, favorite like, like, color is!
    Do you want another waffle?
    What the stained carpet?

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