Which Stereo-Typical Clique are you in?

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Are you a Jock? a Nerd? a Girly-Girl? an Emo? or even a Homicidal Freak? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    A pair of high-heels are...
    Something that a cheerleader wears.
    Very difficult to calculate the volume of.
    A highly dangerous projectile.
    Something I cut myself with. Often.
    A must-have fashion item!
  • 2
    A cocktail is...

    (HINT: A cocktail can mean 2 things, an alcoholic beverage, or a bomb.)
    Something that I will have in the very near future.
    Something that can really hurt me...now where is it?
    Something that I can measure the volume of.
    A bomb...he he he...
    Something too expensive to get drunk on after I lose a game.(Which I never do)
  • 3
    You get your report card back. What does it say?
    All A's. What else would you expect from one of my intelligence?
    F's, and 1 A. In chemistry. My teacher says that I'm very good with explosives.
    I would rather not share that specific information with anyone.
    B's and C's. I'm gonna have to get better, otherwise they'll kick me off the team.
    Who cares? My grade doesn't affect how I feel about the world...
  • 4
    A job is...
    Something that I could do without, unless it's in the fashion industry.
    My career will definitely be in the sports category.
    Something that I don't need, I want to die.
    A place where I can blow things up.
    Something that I will definitely get.
  • 5
    Your eye color is...
    A brilliant color of hazel.
    Black, like my soul.
    Blue! DUH!
  • 6
    What is your best subject at school?
  • 7
    Time is...
    Something I wouldn't mind ending.
    Very important! It takes time to put on makeup.
    Important. It tells how long till the end of the basketball game.
    Something that I need for my explosives.
    Highly important in my science experiments.
  • 8
    Which pet would you like to have?
    A spitting cobra.
    A lion.
    An falcon.
    A deadly blue-ringed octopus.
    A dolphin.
  • 9
    Books are...
    A highly dangerous projectile.
    Confusing. VERY confusing.
    Something I don't need.
    Very easy to drown in.
    A genius invention.
  • 10
    A quiz is...
    Something to test my intelligence.
    Something I do in my spare time.
    Something that I hate.
    Something that I could live without.
    Not easy to kill.

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