Zombie Survival Quiz

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O.K. this is a test to see how well you can survive a zombie outbreak!

  • 1
    What weapon would you choose when an outbreak occurs?
    Rifle (sniper, M1 Grand, etc.)
  • 2
    What is the best place to go when an outbreak occurs?
    Your mom's 1000 yr. old house
    The bank
    A 3 ft. hole in the ground
    A military base
  • 3
    You are at a store with only a few options of food, but if you kill one of your members you can hold 2. What do you take?
    Blow 1 of your members away and take canned goods and energy drinks.
    Hot chocolate mix
  • 4
    A zombie is chasing you and drives you into a dead end...what do you do?
    Scream maybe some1 will rescue you.
    Blow his brains out, run up kick it and take it's wallet.
    Kick it in the nuts and run.
    Your life is worthless and you are bound 2 die anyways, and let it tear you apart slow and painfully.
    Make fun of him, maybe it will run away and cry.
  • 5
    What is best?
    Your grandmother.
    A giant black guy with a turret. (sorry if that offends you, I wasn't trying to be racist, I just thought it was funny.)
    Switch blade knife.
    A few grenades
  • 6
    What would you travel in during an outbreak?
    A tank.
    A helicopter.
    Nothing, just walk.
    A pickup truck.
    A car.
  • 7
    Who do you take with you during an outbreak?
    The SWAT.
    Your wimpy friend.
    A nerd.
    Your little sister.
    No one.
  • 8
    Your brother just got bit by a zombie, what do you do?
    Lock him in the closet and laugh.
    Push him over, shoot him in the knee caps and run.
    Just run away...just run away
  • 9
    You see on the news that there is dead bodies on the ground with plenty bite and scratch marks, what do you do?
    Run outside and scream!
    Look out the window and check for zombies.
    Laugh and say, "this is a load of crap!"
    Nothing, just sit on your butt, watch T.V., eat chips.
    Kill yourself.
  • 10
    Do you exercise daily?
    I dropped a pretzel and grabbed it off the ground...yep I know what your thinking, abs of steal!
    I fell once and got up, does that count.
    Every day.
    I just watch people exercise.
  • 11
    How do you kill a zombie?
    Get your little sister to scream near one.
    Shoot it's knee cap.
    Rip it's arm off and stand there gloating.
    Bite it.
    Pierce the brain.
  • 12
    Again, what is best?
    A pistol.
    A squirrel.
    A sword.
    A chair.
  • 13
    If you HAD to kill yourself, how would you do it?

    (just pick the closest answer to yours)
    Shoot yourself in the head.
    Shoot your foot and stab yourself.
    Jump off a 100ft. cliff.
    Leap into a spike bed.
    Grab a chainsaw and cut off limbs 1 by 1.
  • 14
    You come across a military base and find five vehicles, which one do you take?

    (you can only take 1)
    A Humvee.
    An Abram tank.
    Armored Personnel Carrier.
    An escaped cheetah from the zoo.
    A tractor.
  • 15
    You come across 5 survivors, what do you do?

    (you also have 5)
    Kill them!
    See if they're hot, if they are take them, if not kill them.
    Continue on without them.
    Rape, then kill them.
    Take them with you, you might need distractions.
  • 16
    You see a little girl on the side of the road with a bleeding arm and a bite on the neck (these wounds are gushing out blood)what do you do?
    Do a drive by with an Uzi and then run her over.
    Run up, kick her and laugh.
    Help her.
    Give her a gun with a note on it saying, "KILL YOURSELF!" and drive away.
    Drive by laughing.
  • 17
    Zombies are eating your pet fish, what the hell do you do?

    BTW, you love it A LOT!
    Slap it with your purse.
    Kick the zombie and scream, "STOP IT YOU BASTARD!"
    Distract the zombies and wait till your fishy can get away.
    Run, grab the tank, chuck it at the zombie, scramble for your fishy and put it in your sink.
  • 18
    What kind of music do you like.

    If a zombie likes it, they won't attack you?
    Who cares.
  • 19
    What is your favorite band/singer/rapper out of these?
    Billy Bob Johnson.
    Hannah Montana
    50 Cent.
    Who cares...

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