Lincoln Heights Quiz

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Do you love Lincoln Heights as much as I do? Take this quiz to find out.

  • 1
    What are the names of the three Sutton kids from oldest to youngest?
    There are no Sutton children.
    Cassie, Tay, and Lizzie
    Erica, Rhyon, Mishon
    Sage, Luc, and Lulu
    Cassie, Lizzie, and Tay
  • 2
    What is the name of Cassie's boyfriend and what race is he?
    Luc; black
    Val; Hispanic
    Charles; Hispanic
    Charles; white
    Frankie; white
  • 3
    What were the names of Lizzie's two kidnappers?
    Magnum and Boa
    There was only one kidnapper: Bishop.
    Boa and Bishop
    I don't know.
    Lizzie was not kidnapped.
  • 4
    In what episode did a high school football star attempt to rob a bank and killed an officer?
    House Arrest
    The "F" Word
    Baby Doe
  • 5
    What is the name of Charles' ex-girlfriend?
  • 6
    In "The "F" Word" episode, Bishop went to a shipment storage place. Why did he go there?
    He was going to kill his girlfriend there.
    He planned to kill Jake, the hardware shop owner.
    He wanted to leave the country.
    He went for a shipment of "pure white" (cocaine)
    He was trying to hide from Officer Sutton.
  • 7
    In the second season, which two gangs were fighting?
    The Shiloh's and the Police Department
    The Shiloh's and the All-Stars.
    I Don't know.
    The All-Stars and the Police Department
  • 8
    In Betrayal, who invited who to the party at Marla's house? Who went with Cassie to the party?
    Charles asked Cassie first, but Val asked second. Cassie chose Charles.
    Val asked Cassie first, but Charles asked Cassie second. Cassie chose Charles.
    Cassie brought both of them to the party without Charles and Val finding out that they were both on a date with Cassie.
    Val asked Charles to the party, but Charles already asked Cassie. Cassie went with Charles to the party. (And yes, the Charles-Val thing was supposed to be gay.)
    Neither of them went to the party with Cassie. In fact, Cassie didn't even go to the party.
  • 9
    What is Cassie's passion?
  • 10
    What is the name of the city and country in which Charles is from?
    Lincoln Heights, USA
    Baghdad, Asia
    Frankfurt, Germany
    Charles was invented, like Kyle XY
    Sydney, Australia
  • 11
    What is the name of the high school that Cassie and Charles attend?
    Carver High School
    Maggie L. Walker Governor School for Global and International Studies
    Cassie and Charles aren't even in the 9th-12th grade.
    Cassie and Charles are home-schooled.
    Robeson High School
  • 12
    In Baby Doe, Cassie is no longer grounded. Why was she grounded in the first place?
    In Betrayal, Cassie went to a party that she wasn't allowed to go attend.
    I seriously do not know.
    Cassie was caught stealing from a store.
    She went out of town without permission.
    She was never grounded.
  • 13
    Who sang at the Revolution Talent Show?
  • 14
    In what episode did Cassie and Charles attempt to kiss, but they were interrupted?
    Baby Doe
    Old Man and the G
    The Vision
    The "F" Word
  • 15
    Who shot Eddie's mother?
    Grandpa Sutton
    She wasn't shot, she was stabbed to death
    No one knows...
    She is still living.
  • 16
    How is Sage related to Officer Lund?
    Sage is Officer Lund's niece.
    They are not related.
    Sage is Officer Lund's daughter.
    Officer Lund and Sage are married.
    Who is Sage?
  • 17
    Charles made Cassie a car with his own two hands. What did the symbol mean that Charles painted on Cassie's car?
  • 18
    What is Cassie's favorite food?
    Turkey Chili
    Veggie Burgers
    Shrimp Scampi
  • 19
    What does Cassie's family think of Charles?
    They all hate the fact that he's white.
    Jenn and Lizzie think Charles is cute, Tay and Charles are cool, and Eddie has respect for him.
    Charles hasn't met the Sutton's yet.
    They all LOVE him like Charles was a part of their family.
    They all like him, but they have their doubts.
  • 20
    When did the first season start and end? When did the second season start and end?
    1st season: April 4, 2007-June 16, 2007/ 2nd season: September 4, 2007-November 6, 2007
    1st season: January 8, 2007-April 2, 2007/ 2nd season: September 4, 2007-November 6, 2007
    I don't really pay attention to that type of detail.
    There was only one season.
    1st season: January 8, 2008-April 2, 2008/ 2nd season: September 4, 2008-November 6, 2008

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