Does he want to be more than a friend?

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Are you wondering if your best male mate wants to be more than a friend? Find out now!

  • 1
    Where does he look when you're talking?
    Anywhere but you
    At your chest
    In your eyes
    Up, down, around, at you, wherever
  • 2
    What happens when you watch a movie together?
    He brushes up against you, reaches across you for the remote, any excuse just to touch you
    He hogs the popcorn and you have to fight him for it
    You start talking about anything and everything and completely forget about the movie
    He lays on the couch, you get the corner chair
  • 3
    What happens when you bring up the topic of a crush you have?
    He listens to everything you have to say about the other guy
    He gets overly protective and defensive
    He lets you talk about your feelings, but he looks sad and uncomfortable
    He starts talking about his crush on another girl
  • 4
    You're at the school dance with him and your other friends. What happens?
    He asks you to go with him outside for a walk
    He asks you for a dance, and then somehow you two end up by yourselves for the rest of the night
    He spends the whole night checking out other girls
    You laugh and joke around amongst everybody
  • 5
    If you text him saying you really need to talk, what does he do?
    He calls
    He texts you back several hours later asking if it can wait until Monday
    He texts you back and says to log on to msn to talk about it
    He texts back saying he'll be right there and drops everything to rush to you
  • 6
    He's flirting with some Barbie doll at a party. You walk up to them. What does he do?
    He completely ignores you
    He smiles at you and says goodbye to Barbie and comes and talks to you
    Introduces you, and you all laugh and joke around
    He introduces you, but he pointedly asks you to get him a drink
  • 7
    Does he ever call you?
    He calls all the time
    He probably just doesn't know how to use a phone
    Mainly he texts you, but sometimes he calls late on Saturday nights
    He calls on weekends just to talk
  • 8
    Does he ever touch you?
    He often brushes against you by 'accident'
    He hugs you every time he sees you
    Friendly taps and hugs
    Only by accident
  • 9
    How often do you meet outside of school?
    Often at parties
    Sometimes to go to the movies or just hang out
    It seems either he's always at your house or you're always at his
  • 10
    At a party your playing 7 minutes in heaven and it's you and him. What happens?
    You just talk
    You can tell he wants to kiss you, and he leans in just as time runs out
    You make the most of your seven minutes
    He spends 7 minutes testing this girl he likes