Does he like you? (For 5th-6th grade)

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Okay, this one is accurate because it's based on real life experiences.

  • 1
    Has your friend told both of you that you guys look adorable together?
    She doesn't know him.
    No, never.
    Yeah, she has.
    Why would she?
  • 2
    Has he ever smiled at you and made full eye contact?
    Never, only in my dreams.
    Yes, and it's so cute!
  • 3
    Has your friend ever asked him out for you without you knowing?
    Nope, she thinks he doesn't like me.
    In my dreams.
  • 4
    If he was standing in your way and you said, "Excuse me," would he let you pass, and gesture for you to go past?
    Why would he?
    Nope, he's not in my class or I don't see him on the weekends.
    No, never. *Sigh*
    Yeah, he did. (You can choose this if he didn't gesture.)
  • 5
    Has he ever put his arm around you, laugh at your corny jokes, or hug you?
    In my dreams.......
    No, he's a loner.
  • 6
    Have you ever sat next to him in school and he brushed his leg against yours?
    I wish! (Into The Woods!)
    Yeah right!
    Yes, a lot.
  • 7
    Now, be honest: Do you think he likes you?
    Maybe that's why I'm taking this quiz?
    Maybe, a little bit.
  • 8
    Does he act different around you?
    He's my friend, so he treats me normally.
    He's mean.
    Yes, he is so sweet.
  • 9
    Has your friend ever written?
    (Your name) (his name)
    No, never.
    Yeah right.
    Yes it gets so annoying.
  • 10
    LAST QUESTION! Is he hot?
    He's a geek.
    YES! And he's popular too!
    A little bit.

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SkyAnne ( 44.53 )
Posted 16 days ago
I have talked to my crush and we will be together in no time and i really like him and this site had showed me more of my feelings and i wanna say thanks
chanelle anderson ( 83.29 )
Posted 28 days ago
i always knew he liked me i mean is hot for me.but there's a probably he's best friend likes me too what do i do
Georgia ( 158.9 )
Posted 46 days ago
He never liked me in third and then he claimed that he liked me for three years and I'm a six now so I went out with another boy and that boy just right for me so Luke he may be a nerd but he so my little kitty
Erika ( 61.13 )
Posted 48 days ago
I like this boy and we are like the fastest girl and boy and the best at long jump and the best at most sports and sprinting. But hes going to a different high school... Btw he likes me back!
Tomboy in Love ( 61.92 )
Posted 52 days ago
I really like this one boy he is super cute and nice. but I'm a tomboy and I'm not really sure what to do about this. I mean over th summer he emailed me and asked me if this boy that (somehow) liked me was emailing me and told me not to tell him. And then we kind enough emailed for the rest of the summer. But I don't really know what to do. Plus I'm a tomboy and that never helps,in anything but sports. HELP ME PLZ!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Brisia Martinez ( 0.132 )
Posted 57 days ago
I doesn't likes me. Maby a little.
Connor ( 5.160 )
Posted 87 days ago
Im a boy and i have a crush on a girl and it said i dont so its dumb
5th_grader ( 1.146 )
Posted 117 days ago
but with all of that,looks like he likes me. once he was asking the teacher something and when i went next to him to ask my question after him,he s voice started shaking and he sounded really he into me????
5th_grader ( 1.146 )
Posted 117 days ago
i mean the only problem with this is that nobody knows i like him so the questions with the friends is not really working for me. so now i m confuse!!!!!!!
HAPPYGIRL๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜Š ( 5.224 )
Posted 121 days ago
I'm sooooo happy!!! I seem to b getting along REALLY well w my crush. And there's no doubt about it that he likes me. No one knows I like him not even my BFF and my friends always tell me how in their dreams us 2 r always a couple and my BFF made this game and she put all of our friends and my crush and I r a couple. My other friend was playing this game and we ended up being a couple! EVERYONE thinks we're destined. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„
Girl_Power16 ( 4.104 )
Posted 123 days ago
I like this boy at my school he is always showing off his mucles to other girls then looks at me as if he is making sure I'm looking at him then he laughs and yeah.I took this quiz and I'm still not sure.Anyways I hope you guys all get your crush to like you!๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜˜
Shy_girl_lover1.15.04 ( 35.20 )
Posted 133 days ago
Me and my boyfriend are dating and all and I like him a lot and he tells me he likes me a lot to but it was the last day of school a couple days ago and I asked him if we should break up and he said no but he doesn't care so I took this test and and him are really shy and barely kiss we kissed a few times on the lips and a lot on the cheek and we hug a lot and yesterday we said I love you for the first time (btw we've been dating for 9 months now) and I guess I'm the shy one cause he asked for head (I am only 12) so I said gotta go to class and we kissed I need some advice does anyone have any how about sexy girl you seem like you have experience and I need a little help with it...
5th grade cutie ;) ( 59.17 )
Posted 133 days ago
I posted a comment about a month ago. Today was the last day of 5th grade. So I'll never see him again. But I have an update: My friend and her crush flirted a bit. They flirted from across the room when Victoria was gone. They were laughing and staring at me and my crush.. I had no idea why. I asked my friend and she wouldn't tell me. So I asked her crush and he didn't tell me. So after they flirted some more and looked at us I looked at my friend's crush and mouthed the words, "What is so funny?" All he did was put his hands together making a clapping noise. I looked at my friend, she was laughing silently. I started laughing. And mouthed those words again. Then he pointed to me and my crush and made a heart. My eyes got wide and my eyebrows went low. My face had a weirded out expression. He started laughing. Anyway I started laughing and my crush asked me why I was laughing.. I froze. My friend her her crush just died of laughter. I didn't say a word. He asked me again. I shook my head. He asked again and again. I refused to tell him. He begged me. I told him, "(My friend's name) and (her crush/his friend's name) keep saying that we.... like each other.... " He misunderstood me and thought I said, "I like (my friend's crush/his friend's name)" I replied, " NO!" I said again, "(friend's name) and (friend's crush/his friend's name) said we have a crush on each other." He froze. He confronted my friend and said these exact words, " No, no, just no." He sat down and didn't talk to me for the rest of the day. He was embarrassed. I was too. The next day we were flirty again. We were flirty the whole week. And today, we were signing yearbooks and I asked him to sign mine. He did. My friend and I were on the ground and he came up to my friend and asked her to sign his. HE DIDN'T ASK ME!!! I ignored him. Near the end of a movie we watched he had everyone sign his. But me :( I thought I wasn't going to. Then he came up and asked me. I did it in super nice writing. And smiled. He smiled back. I died in many head at that moment. I turned around and my friend was of course all like, "Ooooh he wanted you to sign last because he saved the BEST for last." I laughed. Then I heard his friend (A.K.A my friend's crush) talking to him saying, "(My name's) signature is special right?" He replied with a "WHAT?" "(My name's) signature is special right?" My crush started laughing. I laughed too. We liked each other. But I will never see him again. Bye. I love you! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ You will be missed.
Shy around my crush ( 29.60 )
Posted 139 days ago
My crush and I were in the same class and group from first to third grade and we always sat next or in front of each other. Until there was a new setting arrangement and my friend who just told me that she had a crush him to sat next to him and I was on the other side of the room. Thankfully she is a trouble maker and had to move. since I me and my crush worked good together she moved me next to him!! One day for social studies we had to pic and read a book with a partner and just days before there was a rumor that my crush liked another girl that looks almost the same as me, but instead of my crush picking her he picked me over her and his friends!!
Unsure of crush add on ( 4.153 )
Posted 153 days ago
So he really cute,tall,smart,funny, and everything and I'm probably not gonna see him next year :( I really liked him for 2 years.I hate this sometimes but sometimes I feel jealous when he is talking with another girl.I really like him but I feel like imma get rejected:|
Unsure of crush ( 4.153 )
Posted 153 days ago
So I have a crush on this kinda geeky but really smart dude.So in the beginning of the year I moved to his desk and i was so happy I still am sitting at his desk although he was really messy so I had to clean up a ton of messes.Anyways once in lunch he just sat at where I usually sit but across me.I was so happy.but then next week he didn't sat across from me no more:(.My friends were teasing me a lot so I wrote a love letter to him.He first didn't know who wrote it to him but it was so obivi.Later a girl who bullied me told his best friend (who I knew since preschool)and she was trying to get me mad and got me in trouble.I think he knows that I like him but I'm not sure I regretted it so much.So I told a adult about it and she said that she would tell my crush I liked him.He keep giving me mixed signals but he doesn't like me cause I'm fat and hideous.But I been so obvi and he hadn't figured it out yet!!!!!!!
Hopeful Lover ( 0.101 )
Posted 158 days ago
Hey guys, so theres this guy I like called Justin (no, not Justin Beiber)
And I took this quiz and sometimes it said he likes me and sometimes not. But I'm confused bcuz I did the same answers
5th grade cutie ;) ( 59.17 )
Posted 161 days ago
Him and I sat next to each other and we flirted every day and he was always nice to me. We switched spots and I wasn't next to him. My friend was next to him though. She said she a had a crush on him too. I was upset and she was always flirting with him!! I thought that was bad but it got worse. There was a girl who was so far away from him. She switched spots with another girl near him. She was even more flirty than my friend. I was so mad. Also it was my fault I got that other girl switched because I told the teacher she was always talking to me. UGH! Biggest mistake ever! We moved spots and my friend wasn't next to him. She didn't have a crush on him anymore, she has a crush on another guy currently. But the other girl (Her name is Victoria) was RIGHT next to him. Directly next to him. I was at another table, the table next to their table. I was able to talk to my crush a bit but she always broke it up. :( I thought it would never work out. But we switched again and I prayed. SHE WAS NEXT TO HIM FOR THE FREAKING 3RD TIME! I lost faith in my love life. Then we switched again. she was across from him but he was next to boys, she was the only girl at a group of 4. We switched again. We weren't rows or tables. We were an individual desk. He was right behind her! I WAS LIKE SERIOUSLY! ALWAYS LUCKY! Her and I became friends after the 1st switch. I told her about my crush before she even met him. I said I didn't like him anymore, good thing. Anyway, we were playing this game about who was a good match for you and she said he was a perfect match for her because she played soccer and she sucked at basketball but she played it. (She also only signed up for basketball because he loved it) She also loved football. And he kinda liked football, didn't care for soccer, and liked basketball. She is literally 4 foot 4. How does she play basketball. I'm freaking 5 foot 1 and I don't even play basketball for attention from boys even though I am good at it. (keep in mind I'm 11 and she is 10) She always tried to match him and like the same colors and like the GS Warriors because he liked them and all that. I freaking died. I was so mad. I gave up and my crush went away, at least that is what I tried to make happen. Anyway, our seating arrangement had her behind me in a different row and him behind her, so I could easily break up the flirting. One day my teacher ruined it, since I'm 5 foot 1 and I'm tall I couldn't fit in my desk She switched me with my friend's crush and that was just death because my friend was mad at me because she was right next to him. And of course Victoria flirted with him too. She had 2 partners to flirt with. So my friend joined in with the 'I hate that girl' act. I was actually good friends with Victoria. She had no idea about how much I hated her. lol. We were going to switch again one day and I just said to myself, "Oh of course he won't be next to me, we are across the room." But a miracle happened. The guy I was next to had problems with the guy I was across from so she switched him with.... omg, you know who!!!!! I was next to him! He was next to me! Yet sadly, Victoria was across from my friend's crush and they are always flirting and I just feel so bad. My crush is next to me and we are exactly how we used to be at the beginning of the school year. Him and I are always talking, we talk too much... we got in trouble once. Oops... :) But we have crushes on each other again. But Victoria is still out there. :,( BUT I'M SO HAPPPPPPYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! This quiz proves he likes me again!
ShyAround MyCrush ( 8.137 )
Posted 163 days ago
My Crush seemed happy to see me one day when my grade had a field trip we both didn't go and he's like"(My Name) You didn't go to the Field Trip?" So I said "Yeah ,Why didn't you go ?"He said (The Same Reason as mine) while we talked he smirked as soon as he saw me and I thought he smirked but my little sister said "Think Fast!" And threw a baseball that almost hit him but since he's an athlete he caught it (Lucky Lucky him) and I said this is my little sister(her name) and the bell rang and it was time for me to leave...Does he like me he's always staring at me and we used to be close friend but no we're so awkward around each I can't even talk to him without him starting the conversation
Cheesy ( 7.122 )
Posted 164 days ago
So there's this boy I like and he has a gf but I feel like he kinda likes me but idk yet! Reading these comments made me feel confident enough to tell him I like him but I'm gonna tell him at the end of the school
Year which is in 4 weeks!!! Btw I'm in 6th grade