Does he like you? (For 5th-6th grade)

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Okay, this one is accurate because it's based on real life experiences.

  • 1
    Has your friend told both of you that you guys look adorable together?
    Why would she?
    She doesn't know him.
    No, never.
    Yeah, she has.
  • 2
    Has he ever smiled at you and made full eye contact?
    Never, only in my dreams.
    Yes, and it's so cute!
  • 3
    Has your friend ever asked him out for you without you knowing?
    In my dreams.
    Nope, she thinks he doesn't like me.
  • 4
    If he was standing in your way and you said, "Excuse me," would he let you pass, and gesture for you to go past?
    No, never. *Sigh*
    Nope, he's not in my class or I don't see him on the weekends.
    Yeah, he did. (You can choose this if he didn't gesture.)
    Why would he?
  • 5
    Has he ever put his arm around you, laugh at your corny jokes, or hug you?
    No, he's a loner.
    In my dreams.......
  • 6
    Have you ever sat next to him in school and he brushed his leg against yours?
    Yes, a lot.
    I wish! (Into The Woods!)
    Yeah right!
  • 7
    Now, be honest: Do you think he likes you?
    Maybe, a little bit.
    Maybe that's why I'm taking this quiz?
  • 8
    Does he act different around you?
    Yes, he is so sweet.
    He's mean.
    He's my friend, so he treats me normally.
  • 9
    Has your friend ever written?
    (Your name) (his name)
    Yes it gets so annoying.
    Yeah right.
    No, never.
  • 10
    LAST QUESTION! Is he hot?
    YES! And he's popular too!
    A little bit.
    He's a geek.

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Nevaeh (67082)
4 days ago
My crush is now my boyfriend thanks so much
Kat (61164)
4 days ago
My crush is my best friend. He always comes up to me to talk about random stuff and tries to show off to me. Whenever me and one of my/his friends have a secret that he doesnt know, he asumes its me liking him. When I liked him before, he knew, but he didnt care. And I think he might know now, but he doesnt care.
No name (DUH!) (71794)
5 days ago
There is a cute boy in my class and he's started to talk to me more and he puts his arm around me in front of his friends in class today and then he invited me to his birthday party!!! I think he soooooooooooooooooooooo likes me!😍😇💑💏
No I am not telling (81002)
6 days ago
I have this super hot boy that isn’t in my class this year or the year before but we have never not been in the same class except 4th and 5th grade we have known each other since we were born he is a little older but when I was born he was the 5th person to hold me and he gave me a kiss on the cheek! We have been buddies ever since he always shows off around me and he is like super cute!! He always puts him arm around me he is super cute and I really like him but what do I do to show him I like him? Comment what.
Why do you care? (26556)
6 days ago
I wish he would show me that he likes me more
Nora (11646)
6 days ago
Ok so there’s a really cute boy in my class I don’t want to mention his name anyway he always stares at me and makes eye contact and when i catch him starting at me he always blushes! it’s adorble !! When our teacher made us work together he blushing so much and smiling! I have a plan me and my friend made so basically she’s gonna tell him “one of my friends like you” he’s probably gonna guess me ! wish me luck! P.S he’s. a soccer player and super popular! he’s birthday is only 7 days away from omg !
I'm helpless (48982)
7 days ago
This cute boy in my class (his name is Jeffery) I like him but I think he likes my ex-friend Luacya. Not 100% sure but I'm 75% sure. I'm hopeless now :'( Luacya aggitates me a lot >:(
Sign? (84943)
8 days ago
He looked me at me when u diudent know and he gave me a smile and he did this from r 30 mins and we were singing and my friend (Mary) told me and she said Jacob look at me and I knew I was dead 💀 he look at me all dreamy through music 🎶 someone help me me he popular and kind of got ❤️🙃😅🤗☺️
Nisha (12345)
8 days ago
I like a boy in my class named christitan i really like him idk if he like me but my friends think he does i want to tell him i like him and my friends really want me to tell him too but i keep backing out cuz i dont want to get my heart broken what to do
mwarlla (73268)
8 days ago
one time i was passing by my crush s house i was with my cousin , my crush said he wanted to speak privately with me but i never payed attention ,the other day i passed by again his little brother shouted out loud telling me his brother loves me i suspect he loves me back ,and i also suspect your results are wrong succers.
here2help (01108)
11 days ago
I’ve read yalls confused comments,and what I can say is that if the boy stares at you,he likes you.
inaccuate (01108)
11 days ago
I have this boy in my Class which I really like,and I can tell he likes me but he’s just too shy to admit it,even if he’s loud,cause I catch him staring at me multiple times,even sometimes when i look at him he would blush and turn back it’s adorable❤️Anyways,I honestly don’t want to date I just want to be friends,(but I want more moments betwen us lmao )And my friend ships us and makes it too obvious!!But it’s okay cause I always save myself,and the quiz said he doesn’t like me,jokes on you!One of his friends made if completely obvious that he does and I love it!Anyways don’t listen to this quiz cause it’s completely inaccurate!!!
Kamiyah (47997)
13 days ago
So I was in band and I looked back I just saw him and his friend pointing at me. So he comes behind me and touches me with his drum stick and then he turned around and gets a chair and just keeps doing it over and over
Lemon lime (36000)
13 days ago
So today at lunch he sat in front of me (pretty unusaul because he's always with his gang) it was kind of akward for a couple of second because my friends were staring at us and cackling then HE ASKED ME OUT!!! Sure he isn't the cutest boy but he's up there and he's so sweet, well to me at least other people not so much. AND GUESS WHAT THE TEST SAID HE DOSNT LIKE ME WELL HAHA IN YO FACE!!!!!
This quiz is a lie! (15485)
15 days ago
Do not take this quiz! It's such a lie! How in the world would there be correct answers?
FLJ crush (78945)
24 days ago
I really like this boy since the first day of 6th grade. Only problem he is a twin!!!!!!!! So confusing but i know how to tell them apart. My crush is cuter and an inch taller than his twin and his twin has more freckles.
Xymenah (09802)
34 days ago
Idk if my crush like she me! Sometimes I catch him staring at me from across the room and then when I look he looks me in the eye and then we lock eyes. He’s flirtatious around every girl I know. So we have these groups for a project and he’s always trying to make me laugh and when I do laugh he just stares at me and blushes! I wish I could read his thought and see if he likes me!
pie (80727)
34 days ago
I moved here three years ago and there was this kid (let's call him tilly) who made me a nickname which was pie. (my name) is evil. the year later tilly was not in my class but this kid I like (let's call him jp) was in it (this was the year I met him) so I told my friends I liked him. Last year jp and tilly were both in my class. my bestfriend decided to tell jp that I liked him on the last day of school, but she did not tell him. instead, they told Tilly that I liked him and then they told tilly to tell jp. this year tilly is in my class but jp is not. I sit next to tilly in most classes and he told me that jp liked me. but tilly has been really weird and my friends all think he likes me. what am i supposed to do!
Pie (80727)
34 days ago
My crush’s friend that told me he liked me also has a crush on me and I don’t even know if I like him. I need to know which one I like😞
Pie (80727)
34 days ago
His friend told me he liked me and this quiz says he doesn’t. I am in a private school and he is in a different class, but we have math together and I can tell he likes me. This test is bad