Michael Jackson: Which one are you?

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    OK, so, let's start with the basics. What do you look like?
    Medium brown skin with curly hair and a squared jaw.
    I have pure skin and big doe eyes. I like to wear really funky things.
    Tanned skin with a chin cleft and popping eyes.
    Tight red lips with long, slick hair.
    I have some pimples and a big nose, so I don't really like the way I look.
  • 2
    Who do you think is the prettiest?
    I like Tatiana Thumbkin (or something like that). She's sexy.
    Diana Ross, definitely!
    Brooke Shields is very pretty.
    I'm not sure...I guess Lisa Mari Presley
    I'm not really interested in girls right now.
  • 3
    Somebody insults you, what do you do?
    I don't know...it depends.
    I would throw a shoe at them!
    I'd just sit there and look away.
    I'd tell them to beat it.
    I'd warn them how bad I am.
  • 4
    A gorgeous girl asks you to marry her. What do you do?
    Laugh nervously and make an excuse.
    Giggle and ask her out.
    Giggle shyly and look at the floor.
    Hmm, let's see. I'm busy this week, maybe...wait, no, I'm booked. Sorry.
  • 5
    If someone you love hits you, how do you react?
    I'd try to dodge them!
    I'd tense for the next blow!
    I would cry!
    I would tell them off!
    I'd hit them back!
  • 6
    What is your most embarrassing moment?
    This lady called me ugly in front of all my brothers, and they all laughed.
    I had to get my own stick so that my mom/dad could punish me.
    I lost a fight in front everyone.
    I accepted a cake from Britney Spears at the MTV Awards. Enough said.
    I caught fire! Well, it wasn't that embarrassing at first, but after I recovered, it was kind of mortifying.
  • 7
    How do you view your father?
    My father understands me somewhat.
    I'm scared of him, but I love him.
    I don't know. He tries to live his dreams through me. I guess he's kind, but he can sometimes be very demanding.
    I love my dad. He is the nicest man you will ever meet.
    I hate him!
  • 8
    Are you self-conscious at all?
    I used to be, but not really anymore. But sometimes I still feel that way a little bit.
    No. People tell me how cute I am!
    I'm a perfectionist. I will never be satisfied.
    Yes, very self-conscious.
    I'm fine with the way I look.
  • 9
    A girl (or boy) is trying to make love to you. What do you do?
    I'd go for it!
    No, I'm married, thanks.
    I tell them to stop. I don't want to have sex yet!
    I just cover my eyes. I don't want to see what she's doing to me.
    I'd politely decline.
  • 10
    Do you want kids?
    I like kids, but right now I just have to live my own life.
    Yes I do, but not yet.
    I already have kids.
    YES! I will someday soon...
    I don't know. Maybe.

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