Which Twilight Guy is Right For You?

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All the guys in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series are attractive in their own way. Which one's right for you? Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Jacob, or even Mike?

  • 1
    What do you look for most in a guy?
    Muscles. I like them big and strong!
    Happiness. He has to make me feel good whenever I'm with him.
    Friendliness. He has to come up and say hi. Don't be shy!
    Unbelievable beauty. All of his features have to be perfect. Oh, he has to be passionate too...
    Warmth. I like to snuggle. Oh, it's even better if he's exotically handsome!
  • 2
    What hairstyle do you like best on a guy?
    Short and spiky.
    Long and messy.
    Dark and curly.
    Long and in a ponytail.
    Blonde. Just blonde.
  • 3
    What kind of eyes do you like best on a guy?
    Topaz, and very thoughtful.
    Blue and sparkly.
    Topaz, and wary of surroundings.
    Topaz, and ready to fight for what's right!
    Dark brown and full of depth.
  • 4
    What would your guy do when he first sees you?
    Look at me briefly and try to ignore me.
    Say, "Hey, I think you bought my dad's old truck!"
    Say hi! And make the conversation ALL about me!
    Stare at me frustrated and look away.
    Size up my muscles and ask me if I want to arm wrestle.
  • 5
    Where would your guy take you on a date?
    On a walk along the beach.
    To his house, where we sit and talk quietly on the couch.
    To the school dance, or maybe a movie.
    To a wrestling match. I know he could beat those guys any day, though.
    To an Italian restaurant, sitting in a private booth, where it's all about him and me...
  • 6
    What would your guy love most about you?
    My long legs and blonde hair. I'm so pretty!
    My originality. I'm sure he's never seen anyone like me.
    My spunk. Oh yeah, and my cool spiky hair!
    He loves me because I flirted with him that one time! Stupid me!
    Everything. My beauty, clumsiness, the way my heart stops when I kiss him, heck! Even the smell of my blood...
  • 7
    What would your guy's personality be?
    Thoughtful, slightly funny, passionate, and obsessed with my safety.
    Cheerful and funny. Very sure of himself.
    Happy and content. Sometimes oblivious, though.
    Brave, humorous, sometimes careless.
    Quiet but sure. Militaristic.
  • 8
    What would your guy do when you're alone?
    Kiss me slowly and then pause for awhile for me to catch my breath.
    Kiss me fiercely. I'll protest for a bit, but then it'll actually start to feel kind of nice...
    Give me a bone crushing bear hug, and then a big kiss on the lips.
    Put his arm around me and try to ignore all the awkwardness.
    Check to see if we're really alone, and then give me a meaningful peck.
  • 9
    What would be the most romantic thing your guy would say to you?
    "I'm in love with you, (INSERT NAME HERE). You just don't see it yet."
    "My life was nothing before I met you. Now you are the only purpose of it."
    "You're very...." *pause* "pretty."
    "You put joy in my life. And your spiky hair is really cool!"
    "You're so perfect. I don't know how I could ever live without you."
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    Lastly, who is your favorite guy character from the Twilight novels out of these?

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