Which Girl Character From Twilight Are You Most Like?

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Are you clumsy and stubborn like Bella? Or spunky and clever like Alice? Discover which girl character from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series you relate to the most.

  • 1
    What type of guy are you more into?
    Quiet and thoughtful. The opposite of me...
    Strong and muscle... yeah...
    Funny and somewhat geeky. No making fun!
    Friendly and amicable.
    Beautiful and passionate.
  • 2
    What do you think of yourself?
    I think --- no, I know --- that I'm beautiful! *Shakes hair like they do in Herbal Essence commercials*
    I think I'm pretty average looking. And I'm definitely a klutz. I don't know why ANY guy would like me.
    Me? Hey, I'm a wild child! Everyone has a great time with me! They love my spiky hair!
    I guess I'm cute! And a little flirty...
    Well, I'm your normal school girl! A little quiet, maybe, but I'm a good friend!
  • 3
    What do you do when you're bored?
    Stare into my boyfriend's eyes and I wish I were as beautiful as him. And when he's not around, I make quizzes like this one!
    Drive to Los Angeles! I'm there and back in 6 hours!
    Call my friends and ask if they want to go shopping.
    Well, if I have really nothing else to do, I could start on my English project...
    Add some more mascara, let my hair flow free in the breeze, and occasionally glance at my boyfriend's flexed muscles. Ouch!
  • 4
    What do you usually do with your friends?
    Somehow knock myself out when I'm waving hello, and laugh when we walk out of the ER hours later.
    I like to play beauty shop and dress all my friends up in fabulous clothes! Oh, and I love to PARTY!
    Friends? Who needs friends when I'm as gorgeous as this?
    Shop, talk about boys, shop, read some magazines, shop, go to the movies... Did I mention shop?
    Laugh about how retarded my boyfriend is....
  • 5
    Who is the hottest guy in Twilight in your opinion?
    Ben. I know he's dorky, but he's really sweet too.
    Emmett. Don't even THINK about it, he's MINE!
    Edward! Oh, my sweet Edward! Oh, and maybe Jacob too. Just a little...
    Okay, promise not to tell anyone, but I love Mike!
    Tee hee! Jasper...
  • 6
    What hairstyle do you have?
    Brown and curly. Yup.
    Long, blonde, and silky! Yes, everyone loves it, I know!
    None of these hairdos apply to me.
    Boring brunette. I can never get my hair to have any personality...
    Black and spiky in all directions. It is so me!
  • 7
    What would be your ideal date?
    A quiet study session where I can look into his eyes and blush all I want to.
    The movie theatre's fine for me...
    Somewhere crazy like Tokyo!
    A walk through a meadow or along the beach.
    Somewhere expensive and lavish!
  • 8
    What are you usually doing when the sun goes down?
    Giggling! Or PARTYING!
    Hanging around at my boyfriend's house with his family.
    Studying. Yuck!
    Watching American Idol! I never miss a show!
    Admiring myself in the mirror.
  • 9
    What is your normal day outfit?
    Some hip-hugging jeans and a baby doll top.
    Cute top, with an extreme mini skirt, with peep toe heels! Topped with a tiara! Just kidding...
    A cute button-down blouse with my jean or kaki skirt.
    My outfits are usually black and white. I like polka dots and stripes!
    Jeans and a T-shirt. And shoes that fit. I trip enough as it is.
  • 10
    What would be your perfect prom dress?
    Something simple. Maybe blue...
    Something by my favorite French designer. It HAS to show off my figure!
    Something wild! Maybe black and white with geometric shapes.
    Actually, I prefer not to go to prom. I don't dance, and I'd probably rip the dress or something embarrassing like that...
    Pretty in pink! And frills are cute too!
  • 11
    Quick! Pick one!
  • 12
    Which are your favorite bands out of these?
    Britney Spears / Mariah Carey
    Hilary Duff / Miley Cyrus
    The Beatles / Manfred Mann
    Lincoln Park / MCR
    Twisted Sister / Kiss
  • 13
    What are your favorite movies out of these?
    Dirty Dancing! I love Patrick Swayze!
    It's a tie between the Breakfast Club and Ferris Beuller's Day Off!
    Mean Girls. I idolize Regina George. Or rather, she idolizes me!
    The Bourne Ultimatum. It keeps you on your feet. Just like me!
    Romeo and Juliet. I love Romeo!
  • 14
    What is your motto?
    What to pick, what to pick? ... Have fun?
    When in doubt.... pout!
    When life gives you lemons.... make some pie!
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And anyone who looks at me!
    Whatever you do, try not to fall on your face.
  • 15
    Lastly, who do YOU think you're most like?

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