Do you know Draco Malfoy?

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Do you know Draco Malfoy? Take this test and find out! *WARNING: May contain SPOILERS from Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows.*

  • 1
    What is Draco's last name?
  • 2
    What are Draco's parents' names?
    Molly and Arthur
    Tobias and Cassie
    Lucius and Narcissa
    Luscious and Natalie
    Lily and James
  • 3
    So easy...what House is Draco in?
    He doesn't go to Hogwarts.
  • 4
    Where did Draco originally want to attend school?
    Nowhere...he's home-schooled
  • 5
    What position does Draco play on the Slytherin Quidditch team?
    He doesn't play Quidditch.
  • 6
    What color are Draco's Quidditch robes?
    Emerald green
    Scarlet red
    I told you, he doesn't PLAY Quidditch!
    Sapphire blue
    Canary yellow
  • 7
    What year did Draco join the Slytherin Quidditch team?
    He didn't; he's afraid of flying.
    Are you deaf? Draco doesn't play Quidditch!
    First year
    He didn't; he only subbed for others a few times.
    Second year
  • 8
    What actor plays Draco Malfoy?
    You mean Draco isn't real?
    Alan Rickman
    Rupert Grint
    Gary Oldman
    Tom Felton
  • 9
    Where does Draco live?
    The Burrow
    Number 4 Privet Drive
    Malfoy Manor
    In a cardboard box
  • 10
    Draco is a ________
    A Squib
    Mudblood (I mean Muggleborn)
    A Muggle
  • 11
    Has Draco ever killed anyone?
    Yes...*sniff* Albus Dumbledore. *sniff* R.I.P. Professor. *runs off crying*.
    No-Draco would never do that. He spends all his time primping.
    No-but Snape has.
    Yes-that Muggle-loving FOOL Dumbledore! And good riddance!
    No-he's too innocent.
  • 12
    What model broom does Draco have?
    A Nimbus 2000.
    He doesn't-he's a Muggle and Muggles don't fly.
    A Nimbus 2001.
    A Fire bolt.
    He doesn't-he's too poor to afford one.
  • 13
    Who are Draco's "friends"?
    Um...his wand and his broomstick?
    He doesn't have any-he works alone.
    Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle
    Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters
    Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger
  • 14
    Did Draco say this quote? "No one's lived here for ten years, not since my dear mother died, unless you count her old house-elf, but he's gone 'round the twist, hasn't cleaned anything in ages---"
    No-that would be the blood traitor, Sirius Black. Stupid Gryffindor...
    No-Harry said that.
    Yes-and it's a lie, I tells you!
    Yes-but what was he doing at Sirius' house?
    No-Draco's mum is still alive. AND they have more than one house-elf...
  • 15
    Did Draco say this quote? "Think my name's funny, do you? No need to ask yours. Red hair, and a hand-me-down must be a Weasley. "
    Yes-but it was still kind of mean.
    No-Snape said that. But he never did like Ron much.
    Well....DUH! And he was so right too!
    No way! How could anyone be so cruel?
    Nope-that was Harry. See how awful he is?

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M R ( 93.40 )
Posted 105 days ago
Just so you know, both the spellings of Durmstrang are wrong in the quiz