Which Disney Princess Are You?

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All The Disney Princesses were beautiful yet something was strikingly different about each one of their stories. Discover which Princess you most relate to!

  • 1
    If you were a Princess, your life would say...
    Seven good friends.
    Beauty comes from within.
    Dreams of beyond.
    Keep on believing.
    A taste of freedom
  • 2
    When looking beautiful only things I really need are...
    Beautiful gloves, beautiful gown -whole nine yards.
    Not much I feel most beautiful naked!
    No dress. A cute outfit, earrings, bracelets all that.
    A cute head band.
    Just a beautiful dress.
  • 3
    Anybody trying to poison you would be doing it because...
    Of your kindness and beauty.
    No one reason- theyre just haters.
    They think you did something to deserve it.
    They want something from someone you know
    They want you for themselves
  • 4
    What color combos do you like the MOST?
    Jewel Tones - especially teal.
    What Blue, red and yellow.
    Blue and Pink
    Purple and Green
    White and Yellow
  • 5
    Which most closely resembles what youre used to?

    Youve cooked and cleaned but had lots of help.
    Youve cooked and cleaned for people who dont appreciate it.
    You fended for yourself really because you were never home.
    Youve cooked and cleaned for people who still love you dearly.
    Youre used to people cooking and cleaning FOR YOU
  • 6
    Your kind of Prince Charming would

    Be the guy you never thought youd fall in love with.
    Be the nice guy who helped you out when you were in trouble.
    Forever take you away from your everyday life.
    Be the reason you actually woke up and smelled the roses!
    Be the guy you never thought youd have the chance with.
  • 7
    Only thing Ive ever stolen before was...
    I can buy myself anything money can buy. I give people stuff away though especially for a good cause.
    Something for someone else who really needed it.
    I dont know. If I have - I cant remember, but there is nothing good in stealing.
    Me steal! Never...
    Ive taken a lot of things I thought were too awesome to pass up. They never belonged to anybody though not that I knew of anyway.
  • 8
    My Family...
    Everything is just peachy. I and my folks get along great!
    I was sort of adopted but theyre still my family they love me very much.
    I was never accepted by anyone, but thats their issue.
    I know my family loves me we just dont get to see each other much.
    Im a daddys girl
  • 9
    On our honey moon, it would be nice to stay at

    A mystic castle.
    I want to stay somewhere far, far away...
    A peaceful cottage off in the woods.
    Somewhere off the water.
    A very elegant room somewhere.
  • 10
    This quiz was absolutely...

    Amusing: )
    Something like Ive never done before.