What mood level are you?

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Are you a Cool Cone or Drama Queen? Everyone has their moody level! Take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    Party time! Your friend is having a birthday party this weekend, and you're invited! But your parents are planning to bring you to their own out-of-state adult party for their own friends. What do you do?
    Call your friend and tell her you can't go, and say you wish your parents didn't have that party to go to
    Go into your room and sit on your bed, going, "Humph," just to annoy your parents
    Sob quietly
    Skip around the house singing, "Zippyity Do Da"
    Throw a melodramatic tantrum and drag on about how terrible and miserable your life is
  • 2
    You're checking your e-mail and your computer suddenly crashes. What do you do?
    Go to your room and say, "Humph," to annoy your parents
    Sob quietly
    Go to your dad and ask him to see what's wrong with it
    Skip around the house and sing the song, "Zippity Do Da"
    Beat the computer with your bare hands while yelling very crude language
  • 3
    It's your worst nightmare! Your boyfriend has DUMPED YOU! What do you do and how do you handle it?
    Tell him you understand, and then go to your friend and tell her about how sad the situation is, and eventually get over it
    Rip off your shoe and beat him down with it
    Sob quietly
    Skip around while singing the song, "Zippity Do Da"
    Slap him across the face and run away crying
  • 4
    Too bad your mom LOVES your arch enemy at school, because now her family is coming to your house for dinner! What do you and say to her?
    Slap her across the face and say, "You pathetic life form!"
    Ignore her completely, and talk to your friend on the phone to get her away more easily
    Even though you're being very awkward, you try and talk to her
    Sob quietly
    Skip around the house singing the song, "Zippity Do Da"
  • 5
    You're at the mall with your friends and you're shopping at your favorite store. There's this ADORABLE, MUST-HAVE shirt you spot, but there's only one left! Just as you're about to reach for it, another girl gets it before you do. What do you do?
    Sob quietly
    Skip around the store singing the song, "Zippity Do Da"
    Never mind. Besides, you see another cute shirt somewhere else
    Tackle her! There's NO WAY that she's leaving that store with THAT shirt!
    You're red in the face, and give her the ultimate evil eye..!
  • 6
    You have a crush on this guy next door, so your friend dares you (for a VERY good reward) to go and steal five of his boxers. When you have the boxers, your friend takes a picture of you, and shows it to the guy next door! What do you do to her?
    Skip around singing the song, "Zippity Do Da"
    Make a batch of brownies as apology to the neighbours. Then never talk to that "friend" of yours again. You have better friends.
    You grab an embarrassing picture of her and show it to that guy next door! See how SHE likes embarrassment!
    It's about time people see how lethal a cat-fight can be!
    Sob not-so-quietly this time
  • 7
    There's no escape to this! Looks like your parents have signed you up for piano lessons without your permission, and THEY WON'T let you pass this one. What do you do?
    Sob quietly
    Behind their backs, call the place your parents signed you up for piano and tell them to cancel your lessons. Let's see how your parents react to THAT!
    Tell them that you'll NEVER give in, and how they're always disagreeing with you! You will not leave without winning!
    Make a deal with them that you only have to do one session, then e-mail all of your friends about it. There's no WAY you can go through this without telling anybody!
    Skip around and sing, "Zippity Do Da"
  • 8
    While you were at a sleep over with your friends, your little brother and his friends stole your underwear, took pictures of it, and showed it to their other friends! What's going to happen to your little brother now?
    Your brother won't last the night! You write two and a half pages and post it on the Internet about how your brother took bras and thongs from your older sister and told your crush they were yours. How TERRIBLE life must be! Too bad you over-exaggerated the situation
    Sob in your little brother's face to show him how upset you are
    Since you don't like getting into trouble, you tell your parents and get him grounded for a week with no computer, TV, or game boy instead of getting yourself into trouble.
    In the morning, you steal your little brother's boxers with Toy Story characters on them. When you get to school, you tie the boxers up to the flagpole, and let everyone know who's boxers they are!
    Skip around singing the song, "Zippity Do Da"
  • 9
    Your homeroom class has been chosen to help out with the animals at the local zoo. You get to work with the animals! Is it fun, or not, and what do you do?
    Well...you spontaneously became sick the day you were supposed to go to the zoo. You also sit in your room and say, "Humph," just to annoy your parents. You need SOMEONE to take this out on!
    No more sobbing! You think animals connect you with the Gods. You jump around in joy!
    Animals! Oh well! You continue singing, "Zippity Do Da"
    Animals have germs and stuff! You don't feel like cleaning up other animals' crap!
    Animals! You love animals, and wouldn't miss this zoo thing for the world! Well...maybe not the world...
  • 10
    Alright, yes or no?
    Just who do you think you are, buddy?
    Um.......*sniff, sniff*
    Zippity do da, zippity yay. My, oh my, what a wonderful day!