Buffy seasons one to seven

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How well do you know the vampire slayer and pals?
Complete my quiz and see if you could be a real Scooby.

  • 1
    What villain returns to Sunnydale in season five episode 'Crush'?
    The Master
    The Mayor
    Ethan Rayne
  • 2
    What do Buffy and Angel plan to do on their date in the season two episode 'What's my Line?, Part One'?
    Go to The Movies
    Moonlit Stroll
    Ice Skating
  • 3
    In the season six episode 'Tabula Rasa,' what did Dawn call Xander?
  • 4
    Where did Faith live before she came to Sunnydale?
    North Carolina
    New York
  • 5
    What was the name of the Fraternity House where Riley lived in season four?
    Phi Kappa House
    Wasting House
    Alpha Delta House
    Lowell House
    Phi Delta Theta House
  • 6
    In the season one episode 'Teacher's Pet,' what was the name of the teacher who was a praying mantis?
    Miss Natalie French
    Ms Natalie Snyder
    Miss Natalie Flutie
    Mrs Natalie Bartrum
    Miss Natalie Woods
  • 7
    In which season seven episode does Andrew become a captive at the Summers home?
    Conversations With Dead People
    Never Leave Me
  • 8
    In season five, Riley leaves Buffy. Why?
    She doesn't love him
    She's having an affair
    She's in love with Spike
    She's still in love with Angel
    He's afraid of her
  • 9
    'Whoa. Whoa! I-I think I'm having a thought. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's a thought. Now I'm having a plan. [lights go out] Now I'm having a wiggins.' Who spoke this line and in which episode?
    Willow, The Dark Age
    Oz, Phases
    Buffy, The Harvest
    Cordelia, Halloween
    Xander, Innocence
  • 10
    In The episode 'Tabula Rasa,' what does Willow use in her memory spell?
    Blessed Thistle
    Fennel Seed
    Galangal Root
    Lethe's Bramble
    Cayenne Pepper
  • 11
    What does Giles walk into when Buffy announces that he slept with her mother?
    A low wall
    A plant
    A bench
    A tree
  • 12
    In The season four episode 'Pangs' what does Anya call Thanksgiving?
    The celebration of the success of a dominating tribe
    A waste of time and money
    A Ritual Sacrifice with pie
    A load of horse hooey
  • 13
    What is the name of the cheerleader who bursts into flames in season one?
    Cordelia Chase
    Aura Emerson
    Amy Madison
    Amber Grove
    Natalie French
  • 14
    In Season seven - 'Storyteller,' what will the potion that Andrew makes in his fantasy do to Buffy?
    Make her invisible
    Make her super magnetic
    Make her lose her memory
    Strip her of all her powers
    Make her tiny
  • 15
    How many Buffy episodes have been aired and what was Joss Whedon's favourite of all?
    144, Innocence
    144, Chosen
    100, Hush
    120, Prophecy Girl
    105, Once More With Feeling