Chandler's job - The Ultimate Test

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Think you know everything about Chandler's job? Think again. Only for true Friends fans.

  • 1
    What is most useful in Chandler's processing job?
    A stapler
    A computer
    A pencil
    A notepad
    A pair of scissors
  • 2
    Who is "Brian"?
    A guy who works above Chandler
    A guy who bullies Chandler
    A guy who hits on Chandler
    A guy who wants Chandler's job
    A guy who is out of Chandler's league
  • 3
    When Chandler smokes in his cubicle at work he hides the cigarette in a drawer and uses air freshener, mouth spray and a small fan. What goes wrong?
    He swallows the fan
    The desk drawer catches fire
    His shirt gets caught in the fan
    The mouth spray gets in his eyes
    He sprays air freshener in his mouth
  • 4
    What is the name of the girl Chandler has to fire?
    Dana Keystone
    Sheena Easton
    Missy Goldberg
    Nina Bookbinder
    Molly Ringwald
  • 5
    What does Chandler do when he wants to, but can't, fire Joey from his job?
    Kidnaps Joey's imaginary children
    Trips him and breaks Joey's leg
    Sleeps with Joey's imaginary wife
    Threatens to jump out the window
    Makes up lies about Joey
  • 6
    What does Chandler's boss do to Chandler that he doesn't like?
    Slaps him on the butt
    Critiques his clothes
    Laughs at him
    Messes with his hair
    Pushes him around
  • 7
    In "The one with Chandler's work laugh" everybody at his work loves Monica. Chandler says she repaired a lot of the damage from when they met...
  • 8
    Why does Chandler's colleague think Chandler's name is "Toby"?
    Because Chandler forgot his real name and made it up
    Because Chandler was afraid of him and didn't want to give his own name
    Because Chandler had hit his head and was a little confused
    Because Chandler wanted to give himself an alias
    Because Chandler wanted the donut and didn't want to correct him
  • 9
    In the episode where a colleague calls him Toby, what embarrassing fact about Chandler is revealed?
    His pet peeve
    His middle name
    His missing toe
    His father's job
    His mother's job
  • 10
    When Chandler runs into his boss an tells him that he and Monica are separated, where does his boss take him?
    To the church
    To the office
    To a strip club
    To a party
    To his house
  • 11
    How did Chandler end up working in Tulsa?
    He always wanted to visit Tulsa and jumped at the opportunity to work there
    He had to move or else he would lose his job
    He accidentally insulted his boss and had to take the job to make up for it
    He wanted to get away from Monica because she wanted to make a baby and he didn't
    He fell asleep during a meeting and didn't know what he was saying yes to
  • 12
    During what holiday did Chandler quit his job in Tulsa?
    4th of July
    New Year
  • 13
    What becomes Chandler's new career?
    Comic writing
    Topless dancing
    Stand up comedy
  • 14
    Chandler has to come up with a campaign for a pair of sneakers/in lines. What happens when he tries them on?
    He falls and hits his head
    He falls and twists his ankle
    He falls and cracks a rib
    He falls and breaks his thumb
    He falls an hurts his hip
  • 15
    Which of these is NOT one of Chandler's campaign slogans?
    A grape... because who can get a water melon in your mouth?
    Pants... like shorts, but longer
    Kids, kids! Roll your way to childhood obesity!
    Marriage... it's not for everybody
    They're so uncomfortable; it's like getting kicked in the nuts... for your feet

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