Are you more than friends?

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  • 1
    When you walk by your crush in the halls do you two...?
    Don't even acknowledge one another
    Say hello and keep walking
    Give each other a hug and make plans to hang out
    Stop and chat
  • 2
    If you stay home from school because you are sick, what does your crush do?
    Give you a phone call asking how you are feeling
    Stops by your house to visit you
    Writes you a note saying they hope you get better and gives it to you the next day
    Brings you flowers or a small gift
  • 3
    You are having a problem with your friend. Your crush notices you are sad but you won't admit that you are. Do they...?
    Call you or visit you so you two can talk and possible solve your situation
    Sit there until you open up
    Leave you alone and not worry about what's bothering you
    Stay there and support you
  • 4
    While watching a movie with a group of friends, they take up all the seats on the couch so you have to sit on the floor. Your crush is sitting on the couch and notices you sitting on the floor. What do they do?
    Come and sit on the floor with you
    Leave you alone and not say anything
    Let them sit on your lap
    Ask if you would like their seat
  • 5
    You and your crush are hanging out and are disagreeing on a movie to watch. One of you wants to watch a scary movie and the other wants to watch a comedy. What does your crush do?
    Insist that you watch the movie they want
    Pick a different movie so you don't watch either
    Do a different activity
    Watch the movie you want instead of what they want
  • 6
    You want to go somewhere quieter or more private with your crush. When you ask them, do they...
    Come right away
    Say no they don't want to
    Ignore you and pretend you didn't say anything
  • 7
    You are hanging out with a group of friends and another guy is hitting on you and you are not sure what to do. Does your crush....
    Say go for it and support you with your decision
    Not give you help
    Seem upset while talking about it
    Get mad
  • 8
    While talking about plans for the coming weekend, you say you have no plans for Saturday night yet. Does your crush...
    Not ask you to hang out but says have fun!
    Say he already has plans and can't
    Invite you to hang out with him and his friends
    Ask you to hang out one on one
  • 9
    You and your crush are hanging out and you are wearing sweats. He makes a comment about your clothes. What does he say?
    Suggest you change
    You must have had a long day
    Wow nice look (in a sarcastic remark)
    You look cute and comfy
  • 10
    You and a group of friends are at a sleepover talking about crushes. Someone brings up your crush and you begin to blush. You tell them that you really like the person. What do they say?
    Your friends have noticed a connection between you two
    They say "fat chance!"
    They offer to help you get with the person or talk to them for you
    They tell you that he likes you or has been looking at you in a very friendly way

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