Are You Actress Material?

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If YOU think you have a chance to be an actress, (or actor), then YOU should take this quiz!

  • 1
    When you buy water you get it at:
    A: room temperature duh!
    B: freezing cold
    C: I just pick a bottle and leave
    D: There are different temperatures!
  • 2
    When you try out for the play you always get:
    A: the part that nobody wants
    B: I don't try out for plays
    C: the lead (or the most dramatic)
    D: we have plays?
  • 3
    When you're a star and get the wrong size marshmallows in your cocoa you:
    A: deal with it I cant afford new ones
    B: throw a fit like all the stars
    C: I really don't care
  • 4
    In a movie, your co-star is a bully from your school days you:
    A: act like you don't know him
    B: say a new co-star or you quit!
    C: I'm always friendly
    D: hey, I'm still getting paid!
  • 5
    When you're a star your friends will be:
    A: every famous person ever!
    B: what friends?
    C: still the people you grew up with
    D: I've got no time!
  • 6
    If you designed a clothing line it would be
    A: sparkling, jewels, fabulous!...
    B: whatever the company says
    C: tight and short
    D: something i would wear
  • 7
    If you hold a talk show it'll be about:
    A: talk show host!
    B: me!
    C: the gossip in Hollywood
    D: whatever the scrip says
  • 8
    If everything doesn't go your way you:
    A: shrug it off
    B: over-exaggerate duh!
    C: everything goes my way!
    D: CRY: o
  • 9
    Dramatic to you is:
    A: bratty yet humble
    B: annoying
    C: I'm NOT dramatic *sob* sob*
    D: everything I am
  • 10
    You're only dramatic when:
    A: I want to
    B: NOT dramatic!
    C: never
    D: me dramatic please:)
  • 11
    You think this test was:
    A: a waste of time
    B: great
    C: pointless
    D: OK

Comments (27)


why dudde (05713)
23 days ago
boi whyyyyyyyyyy
Leia Schuyler (05713)
23 days ago
I've been in a paid contract since I was 5, and been working there ever since....
I am always the best singer at my school, and I also do school musicals, and I got STICK TO SCHOOL PLAYS, YOU AREN'T VERY GOOD :( !!!!!!!
somebody (70977)
32 days ago
I am a good actress. these questions were dumb. WHAT KIND OF WATER BOTTLE DO YOU BUY AT THE STORE? FREEZING, WHATEVER, THERE ARE DIFFERENT TEMPS!!!!!!!what will this do for you in your acting career? I have never done a school play before but, I can make people believe I am crying, super happy, really mad, annoyed, silent treatment, and drifting off into space ect. it says "Stick to school plays. You have correctly answered 5 of 11 questions." like, WHAT!!!!!!! This quiz was a waste of time.
Sarah (15994)
57 days ago
I am 10 and I am an actress (not lying)
this test says I answered 2/11 questions and that i should never act and stop trying
selena gomez (91968)
72 days ago
im a real star in this world they need to get this right
A ticked off person (09019)
83 days ago
I'm an actress and this quiz basically spat on my face while screaming YOU CAN'T BE AN ACTRESS JUST STOP NOW
Jill (71084)
85 days ago
What is wrong with this quiz?!?! Oh, apparently I answered three personality questions RIGHT. Your personality can't be caged. I am an actress! I was born to be an actress, I was born to tread the set of a film and star! It's been my dream since I was tiny!
Myself (55742)
91 days ago
I've been the lead in school once (hard competition) and it was a week ago and it tells me "JUST STOP acting is not your thing" HOW Rude!
My dream to be a actor is dead. THANKS QUIZ
Bob (76384)
94 days ago
The questions were nothing to do if you could act... just if u were a bratty crappy person! DON'T take this quiz! It will tell u ur rubbish when u probably arent.
Theona (49477)
121 days ago
Well you didn't have to put it in such a mean way :/
Anonymous (83075)
126 days ago
Seriously? There aren't any right or wronf answers!!! I have been in seven plays, and this dumb thing says that "Acting just isn't for you..."
blank (76655)
130 days ago
listen no matter what answer you get whether it's right or wrong a quiz can't determine what you do with your life YOU HAVE TO! so don't give up you have to be strong to overcome these obstacles or what gets thrown at you because you can't just let one little thing hold you back keep following your dreams and no matter what ...stay true to yourself :)
Madison (84711)
144 days ago
This quiz says that I don't have what it takes... it doesn't know me. These questions are dumb and have nothing to do with it. They don't know me and they don't know what I'm capable of. See ya
kay (41347)
144 days ago
I feel like crying right now!!
kay (41347)
144 days ago
I'm not going to stick to school plays you dream crushing quiz!!!!!!
Mumsy (77066)
147 days ago
Duh this quiz is not really fair but I got 5 correct answers
Just gonna chase ma dream✌🙌
Smd1130 (34368)
153 days ago
LD Biradar (37531)
Thanks for saying something true. I want to be an actress when I'm a little older and some s***y test can't dictate that or stop me!$$$
Emilia (57328)
175 days ago
I only got three answers correct, the reason i dont get a good part in a play because this 'popular' girl gets it. now i am being dramatic. i am actress material, i have even fake cried real tears more than 7 times! i fooled my friends by saying that i got hacked...they fell for it! and i was only acting. this quiz WILL NOT affect my dreams.
Maureen (96242)
210 days ago
I got 3 correct answers, yet this quiz won't affect my dream and hope to everyone too and I actually wanna be an actress in Korea
Nicholle (77547)
255 days ago
I am actress material! I was born to do it! This quiz was just to see is you would be a good diva!