Love test

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Title says it all

  • 1
    Would you take $10,000,000 dollars to not be with your love?
    I'd have to think about it
    Absolutely not
    Hell you!
  • 2
    Would you risk your own life to save theirs?
    Are you nuts?
    Without a second thought
    If I had a chance at surviving...sure
  • 3
    The hottest girl you know asks you out. Do you turn her down for your crush?
    I'd tell her maybe and then think about it
    The hottest girl? Yes!
  • 4
    Your crush is sitting next to you during the biggest test of the year and they're super smart. Do you cheat off them?
    No that's insensitive
    I'd sneak a peak or two
    I suck at school so, no duh!
  • 5
    Your best friend asks him/her out and they say yes. What do you do?
    Get sad and cry for hours
    Congratulate your friend and wish them luck
    Tell your crush and friend how you feel and see what happens
  • 6
    You're at the dance and the nicest girl/boy asks you to dance but you see your crush against the wall all alone. What do you do?
    Dance with them but feel bad for your crush
    Forget your crush and start a relationship with this person
    Gently let down the person and ask him/her to dance
  • 7
    He/she just broke up with their boy/girlfriend. How long do you wait to ask them out?
    At the very least, a month or two
    Ask right away!
    Maybe a week and a half
  • 8
    A person is dating your crush and your crush is extremely happy with this person. What do you do?
    Let them date, her/his happiness is the most important to you
    Plan to break them up and hurt everyone emotionally
    Don't break them up but feel incredibly sad
  • 9
    You and your crush are great friends but you still love him/her. What do you do?
    Ask them out and if they say no, plan to stay friends
    Ask them out and if they say no dump him/her as a friend
    Don't ask them out but secretly love them
  • 10
    Do you honest to goodness love them?
    Love might be too strong of word...
    I've seen better
    No doubt

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