What Type Of Girl Are You?

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Are you a nerd, a Goth, a hippie, a diva, or a hip-hop crew?

  • 1
    What do you eat most?
    I eat EVERYTHING--sushi, pastry, sashimi, hamburger, rice, meat, vegetables, pizza, and many more,...I eat everything, right!
    Anything that my coach doesn't forbid me
    Carbs, vegetables, protein, minerals,...for a smart food combining.
    Spaghetti and animal meat. I protect herbs rights! Save plants!
  • 2
    Tell me about yourself!
    I'm mathematical, smart, and outgoing, I like Windows Vista
    Yo, I'm a sporty girl. I'm just fit and sports make me feel happy--what's wrong with that?
    I'm an anti social, I believe that mortality is my best destiny. I live in darkness
    I have many friends, I'm emotional, lazy, cool, wild, and many people like me
    A carnivore, soft, patient, strong, wise, kind, but sometimes get angry easily
  • 3
    When do you usually call your lover?
    I don't call him, I usually come to him when I'm desperate and need to love someone
    When I need to hold his hands
    I don't have a lover, OK! And If I have one, I'll call him when I want to date someone!
    When I want to sacrifice someone to summon darkness
    A LOVER! NOT AT THE MOMENT! I don't need one now!
  • 4
    What accessories do you like to wear?
    Anything flash and sparkle!
    A nice hair pin
    Golden earrings
    Chunky cool bracelet
    Heavy chains and imitation skull necklace
  • 5
    What word is totally you?
    Like, I totally dig the coolest outfit that you gave to me yesterday!
    Mortality is my word, o, darkness!
    If you aren't careful, I'll smash you up, you understand?
    This life is so tough and hard. But I will be stronger.
    May the force come to our W-O-W EXPERIENCE and it has so many features, I know it's the coolest operating system
  • 6
    If you're a Naruto character...what would you be?
  • 7
    What's your element?
  • 8
    OK...so, you've graduated from your school and now you're having a sunny fun holiday. What do you do?
    Going to the cinema with my old friends, of course!
    Have fun in the sun, chill by a swimming pool side
    Cut my finger with a knife
    Surfing the Internet and searching info about Windows Server 2008
  • 9
    What's your style?
    Just ordinary
    Gothic and mysterious
    Totally cool!
    Pure, cool, fresh, herbal, and matching with season--and for this season my style is "tribal"
  • 10
    What kind of music do you like?
    Anything fabulous and fit in my ears!
    Progressive rock
    Pop music with a touch of India and reggae-world!
    Two words: DEATH.METAL
    Old school rap. It's a cool hip hop genre
  • 11
    Who are your friends?
    I'm everyone's idol rapper!
    The girls who care about nature and "green" lifestyle, of course
    My computer's operating system--Windows Vista!
    The girls who wear black outfits and heavy chains who go to the death metal band concert with me
    Any girls who are not a crazy, boring nerd could be my friend!
  • 12
    What words describe you?
    Death's No.1 Fan
    Hip-hop Crew
    Herbal Hippie
    Creative Cool Girl
    Computer Lover
  • 13
    If you're partying, do you drink?
    Only beer, OK!
    NO! I totally care about my health! I want to live long and healthy!
    I don't like partying too much
    Yeah, drinking makes me vomiting all my depression, and I'll be finer after that
    NO! If I drink, it means I'm stupid--drinking can damage my brain, and it can make me vomiting in front of many people!
  • 14
    What animal do you like?
    I'm not interested in animals, I'm interested in computer!
    I hope those animals are dead!
    I love all animals!
    Dogs! They're mischief and kind of cute
    Animals? Oh...forget it! I don't like them, except for the cute ones!
  • 15
    If you're being bullied by your boyfriend, what will you do?
    Cry all the night and kick his photo in your bedroom
    Curse him "If you want me to leave you and we're break up...you'll die in a mere mortal!"
    Punch him and shout " I was trying to be patient with your fault! But, you're so evil to me! I don't deserve and I don't need you anymore! Why should I care about you! I think we have to break up! WE'RE FINISHED!"
    Cry and say "leave me alone. I'm busy to care about my math homework and Windows Server 2008!"
    Just scream "Why do you do this thing to me! Like, you're starting to bothering me! WE'RE FINISHED!"
  • 16
    What will you name your product?
    Hip Rap Record Label CD
    Cool Diva Boutique Made by __________(your name)
    Windows_______(your name) Ultimate
    I'm not productive--I'd rather die!
    Capri's Body Fit, a beauty natural product for young women
  • 17
    Do you like this quiz?
    Yes, totally!
    Yeah, I love quizzes but I think making quizzes is boring
    Um...yes, but, I want to continue my Windows Live chatting, see you later!
    I wish if someone who hates me like this quiz too, he/she will die in mere mortal!

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