What Kind of Teen Girl Are You?

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Teen girls world is full of cliques. And some girls are nerds, they like to read and study a lot. Some girls are hippies, they like natural lifestyle. Some girls are just a bunch of diva. Some girls are athletes. Some girls are Goth, they're anti-social and they love death...what are you? Nerd, herbal hippie, diva, athlete, or Goth?

  • 1
    Where do you like to hang out with friends or just chill around?
    QUACK! In the pond, of course! Quack! Quack!
    In a tattoo parlour
    By the swimming pool side
    In the library
  • 2
    Who are your friends?
    The girls who like to wear black clothes and heavy chains
    Ducks! Hey you, why are you asking me... o, well..
    The girls who like to read a lot and like technology especially computer--like me.
    All of the popular girls!
    The girls who like "green" lifestyle and protect animal and plants rights
  • 3
    What's/what are your dream job(s)?
    Veterinarian and entrepreneur
    Politician or maybe computer operator
    QUACK! I want to be a duck farmer
    Actress, supermodel, psychologist, singer, oh, too much!
  • 4
    What words can describe you?
    Preppy Popular Diva
    Ducky Girl
    Anti Social
    Herbal Hippie
  • 5
    How do you "get in style"?
    I made some duck costumes, they're stylish, right? *wink*
    My style's very fresh. It's seasonal. And this season, I shop for clothes with theme "Sunny Hippie"
    I'm a diva, so I'm a trendsetter!
    I wear hoodies with skull and heavy chains...
    I rarely shop at the mall, Tsundae (by the way, it's not my real name...)!
  • 6
    If your teacher gives you a homework about writing an essay about your favorite topic...what do you will write?
    "Protect Ducklings"
    "What Will Happen When A Person Dies"
    "Technology In The Past"
    I'll protest the teacher for such a lame homework!
    "Go Green: Natural Lifestyle To Save Our Earth"
  • 7
    What will you do if you are in a very bad mood?
    Go to the pond and cry there then shout "QUACK!"
    Play your guitar and sing a song about happiness
    Put on an angry face and phone your friends to come over to your house in order to celebrate a party--you'll be happier after a party
    Cry all the day and read a book about emotions
    Cut my finger. Got a knife?
  • 8
    Do you drink?
    Yes, it'll kill me and killing myself makes me happier
    No. It may affect to my health as a hippie.
    Of course not--it makes me vomiting, vomiting in front of people is way not a diva's attitude!
    Drinking pond's water makes me fit---wait, drinking what?
    No way. I don't like partying.
  • 9
    Do you love animals?
    I love all animals
    I wish all animals die immediately!
    No way, but I love the cute ones...
    I'm not interested in animals, I like reading!
    I love ducks!
  • 10
    What is the color of your bedroom wallpaper?
    Pink and purple
    Black and red
    Light green
    None of your business!
  • 11
    Do you like holidays?
    Yes but I miss homework! *cry*
    Yes, in holidays I can cut myself into pieces
    No, I miss my friends who like to go to the pond with me every time we go home from school!
    Yes, I love to chill by the poolside every summer holiday!
    Totally! But, I'll miss my friends!
  • 12
    How often do you call your lover?
    Like, I'll call my crush when I'm ready to have a lover!
    Never. I always come to his house without calling him first then talk face to face
    Sometimes, when I'm very desperate in darkness. *cry*
    Very often, usually when I want to "QUACK!"
  • 13
    Choose the sentence that is TOTALLY YOU!
    This life is tough and hard. But, I promise. I will be stronger...
    It has so many features, may the force greets us in this wow experience
    Like, I totally dig your outfit
    I'll talk to you after I've cried trough the sunken pit that is my life...
  • 14
    Describe yourself.
    Like, I'm a total diva!
    Dark and mysterious
    Funny and shy
    Smart and hard working
    Calm and smooth
  • 15
    What hairstyle do you like most?
    I'd rather die
    Any hairstyle that is fabulous!
  • 16
    What attracts you the most?
    Fame (How stylish and famous are you)
  • 17
    What color are totally you?
    Pink or Blue
    Light green
  • 18
    The last question:
    What flavour of ice cream do you like?
    I don't like to eat

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Nerdy_Bean ( 96739 )
Posted 137 days ago
I got 50% nerd, 28% herbal, 11% diva, 6% goth, 6% duck. I've always been that socially awkward, incredibly weird, know-it-all, nerdy girl that not many people like. I'm proud to be a nerd. I love these tests, they seem so accurate! This conversation is going to take a turn... When I hold a knife, and people are around I think "I could just stab all of them right now... Like what would they do? I mean I won't, because I love them, but seriously, what would they do? I could be all stabby, stabby, and they wouldn't be able to do anything..." lol, I would never do anymore than think weird stuff like this, but yeah, seriously what would they do? Random fact: I'm 11, not a teenager, but I act like one, so I consider myself a teenager sometime. I hate the term "teen" it sounds 💗
House of Cards ( 19812 )
Posted 137 days ago
Got, 67% goth, 22% nerd, 11% herbal girl, 0% diva, 0% duck girl. Yeah Ima goth/nerd/hippie. New that.
Fab Fashion Girl ( 25637 )
Posted 163 days ago
I got 57% diva, 22% herbal girl, 10% duck, 11% goth, and 0% nerd.
Brittany Bell ( 90503 )
Posted 175 days ago
So apparently I'm, like, a goth diva. How does that work?
anonymous ( 06097 )
Posted 183 days ago
do you have a duck fetish or something
BEAST ( 98837 )
Posted 188 days ago
> <
im an 💗
Gamer gal ( 82427 )
Posted 200 days ago
This is a waste of time
Gamer gal ( 82427 )
Posted 200 days ago
Wait now 0% neard >:(
Gamer gal ( 82427 )
Posted 200 days ago
Gamer gal ( 82427 )
Posted 200 days ago
72% herbal girl 22% diva 6% duck 0% goth
sonnia ( 51056 )
Posted 219 days ago
it is just waste of time and energy bura hai
Alia ( 55027 )
Posted 289 days ago
kya yaar ek accha sa quiz bhi nahi bana sakte,Are you think we are 💗 no
Liv ( 82367 )
Posted 321 days ago
There wasn't really options for me. AND WHATS WITH THE DUCKS???
none ( 68775 )
Posted 323 days ago
Ella ( 54745 )
Posted 330 days ago
I don't really like this because there isn
t an option that fits having very little friends
value ( 39129 )
Posted 480 days ago
their is no answer to the question.
taniya ( 13837 )
Posted 586 days ago
faltu kuch nhi hai yeh waste of time