Which Disney Princess Is For You?

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There are so many Disney Princess quizzes but none of them are for guys! So here's a one of a kind quiz! Find out if your favorite princess is the one that was made for you!

  • 1
    What do you look for in a girl?
    She needs to be able to work hard but still be fun!
    I want her to be a little sheltered but adventurous!
    She needs to be obsessed with cleaning but very social!
    She needs a sense of adventure and loyalty!
    I want her to be as gentle as possible and very independent!
  • 2
    What kind of hair do you like best?
    Long and flowing
    She likes to wear it up so I don't really know what it looks like
    Long and wavy
    Short and beautiful
    Medium length and dreamy
  • 3
    How does she dress?
    Her clothes are always casual
    When we go to the beach she likes to wear bikinis
    She likes to wear her work clothes just in case she needs to clean
    She dresses like a total prep! She wears sparkles and ribbons and stuff like that!
    She loves wearing ball gowns that make her look elegant!
  • 4
    What are her hobbies?
    She loves just taking a drive and staying busy!
    She loves singing and dancing and helping others!
    She loves travelling to places she's never been to before!
    She loves swimming and being outside!
    Like I said before...she's obsessed with cleaning!
  • 5
    Has she ever loved anyone else?
    She's had many other guys love her but I'm the only one she loves back!
    No she always dreamed of Prince Charming and she got me, her one and only!
    No but her family doesn't accept me!
    She's had a few boyfriends but I'm the one who swept her off her feet!
    She doesn't fully understand love so she's never really loved anyone before.
  • 6
    Who are her friends?
    She loves fish and birds because we're always swimming!
    She loves people and collecting household objects!
    She loves telling me about her mice and cats!
    She loves exotic creatures!
    She doesn't like animals too much but she has many people that she's close to!
  • 7
    What occupation does she have?
    She's a nurse.
    She's the queen of my heart!
    She's totally obsessed with cleaning!
    She does odd-jobs.
    She makes speeches.
  • 8
    Explain her education.
    She was home schooled all her life.
    The townsfolk taught her what she needed to know for life.
    She never really had a good education.
    She had many tutors and went to some classes.
    She was taught by the best scholars in the land!
  • 9
    How does she get along with her family?
    She'll give her life for her family! She loves them with all of her heart!
    She ran away because her family tried to kill her. Then she found me!
    She loves them but is always disobeying.
    She has a rebellious streak in her but always does as she's told. She cries a lot.
    She hates her family! They're so cruel to her!
  • 10
    When she sings what does her voice sound like?
    When she sings it sounds like no more wrong can happen to you. It's very refreshing!
    She sounds like all the peace in the world put into one song!
    She sounds like adventure and justice!
    She sounds like the sun rising over the horizon!
    She sounds like the cooing of a dove mixed with the most soothing voices in the universe!

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