What type of guys do you like?

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Like guys but don't know what type? This is the quiz for you:)

  • 1
    Where would you find your man at?
    Probably at home
    In the gym or on the track
    At the library
    Anywhere practicing or listening to music
    In detention or at the skate park
  • 2
    What would be in his backpack/locker?
    Prank-filled stuff
    Gym clothes
    Nothing, actually, maybe a knife?
    A ton of books, a calculator, and millions of little things
    Instrument and maybe a book
  • 3
    What would his favorite athletic type thing be?
    Cutting o.o
    Running or Skating
    Push-ups, he has to be able to carry thing, maybe you?
    Everything, he loves sports
    Reading...? Studying?
  • 4
    Would you ever see him riding a horse or playing with a puppy?
    If he would put his book down long enough.
    Maybe as a jogging or running partner.
    The puppy, most likely not the horse.
    Nope, he would wish they all died, like me.
    Yes, he loves puppies, and you just might convince him to ride the horse, he would do just about anything for you.
  • 5
    Would he study for big tests?
    Probably not, he would be too busy causing trouble.
    Nah, he couldn't care less about school and grades.
    YES! He would study every single day of the year:)
    Maybe 5 or so minutes.
    For big tests, yes.
  • 6
    Can he play an instrument?
    No, he would rather break an instrument and blaming someone else.
    Nope, too busy.
    I don't know, maybe the guitar or drums?
    Yes, are you kidding me!
    I think he can play either the tuba or cello.
  • 7
    What would be the first thing you notice about him?
    His personality, very funny and kind
    His record, you have to love a trouble-maker:]
    His looks, very sexy:3
    His wrists, scars everywhere
    His grade point average, has to be smart.
  • 8
    What would his personality be?
    Very sensitive, gloomy, and dull. We could spend a lot of time together though.
    Sweet, troublesome, and energetic. He is sweet, yet troublesome
    He doesn't show any emotions at all.
    Funny, kind, sweet, and somewhat sensitive. He is sooo sweet
    Self-centered, sport loving,...self-center, got to love him
  • 9
    Would he spend quality time with his family?
    Sometimes, but he would rather go outside and do some running or shoot some hoops.
    Yes, he always spends time with his family.
    No, he likes to be alone yet the center of attention at the same time.
    No, he was kicked out and has to live in the shed/garage. He spends most of his time
    Yes, mostly with concerts though.
  • 10
    Last but not least, would he enter a contest/competition?
    Maybe a spelling, geography, science, etc, etc, etc,
    Nope, all there is to it.
    Nah, too busy getting into trouble.
    As long as it's athletic, he's there.
    Maybe a Battle-Of-The-Bands.

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