The Ultimate Twilight Quiz

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Do you think you know absolutely everything about Twilight, and the two books after that? Take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    Here's an easy question: What does Jacob ask for when he talks to Bella about the car he is building in Twilight?
    A master cylinder for his Rabbit
    A new pair of headlights
    A gas pedal (everybody needs one)
  • 2
    What inspired Stephenie Meyer to write the books?
    Her parents
    A dream of James killing Bella
    A dream of Edward talking about being a vampire to Bella
    Another book
  • 3
    What was the CD that Bella used to help her stop thinking in Twilight?
    Linkin Park
    Pussycat Dolls
    ...She used a CD?
  • 4
    What car was Edward supposed to use to get Bella to the prom? (Stephenie Meyer never mentions it in the book because it was a little too much in the end)
    Hmm....(sneaks out and grabs book anyway)
  • 5
    Now for Book 2! What did Charlie do one day when he couldn't take Bella's emptiness?
    He slammed the table and told Bella his problem
    He slapped Bella
  • 6
    Where did Jessica and Bella eat after they watched the movie?
    Burger King
  • 7
    When did Bella open Edward's present on her birthday?
    At Edward's house
    She never opened his present...
    After the 'incident' with Jasper, and Bella and Edward were safely back at Bella's house.
    I'm clueless.
    In the car
  • 8
    Who did Bella decide to meet after months and months of hurting?
    Jacob Black...DUH
  • 9
    An easy one: What car did Alice steal in Italy?
    Those really tiny cars that you find in Europe...
    A shiny new Volvo
    A yellow Porche
    A red Porche
  • 10
    Now for the third book...Eclipse! (my favorite)
    WARNING: These questions will be extremely hard.
    What were the names of the three girls Jasper met that changed his life?
    Bob, Joe, Cathy, Bill.....
    Natasha, Maddie, and Lucy
    Nettie, Maria, and Lucy
  • 11
    Why are gems (especially diamonds) so important in the vampire world?
    Alas, I have no idea.
    It shows the wearer a sense of declaration
    Nobody knows yet...we're gonna have to find out soon, though!
  • 12
    What store did Edward recommend if Bella didn't like his ring?
    Shane and Co.
  • 13
    How did Edward and Seth congratulate each other after defeating Riley and Victoria?
    Edward gave Seth a great, big, hug!
    Seth bumped his nose against Edward's fist.
    Seth bit Edward! Haha! Okay, I don't know
  • 14
    Okay, sort of random, but...What were the names of Jacob's twin sisters?
    Rachel and Rebecca
    Callie and Maddie
    Sasha and Tiffany
  • 15
    Who was the first known Spirit Chief in the Quileutes' stories?
  • 16
    What was so unique about Quil imprinting on Claire?
    Claire is disabled
    Claire is two years old
    Claire is a superstar!
    ...Who's Claire
    Claire is also a werewolf
  • 17
    What was the name of the girl that Jared imprinted on?
  • 18
    What is Edward trying to protect?
    Er...all of the choices are right...
    Everyone he loves and cares about, basically.
    Bella in whole.
    Bella's virtue.
  • 19
    What was the heart that Edward gave Bella made of?
    ...something shiny...
  • 20
    The last question! How many of the Volturi meet Edward, Bella, and the rest of the family after the fight?
    Six Billion Thousand...

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