What is your element?

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There are many different types of elements in this world. Which is most like you?

  • 1
    Which activity would you rather be doing right now?
    Slinking around in the shadows
    Swimming in the deep ocean
    Performing a wonderful play on the stage!
    Kindling a fire in the wilderness!
    Sitting on a branch and enjoying the view
  • 2
    How many friends do you have?
    I am part of a circle of friends
    I have a few friends
    I have LOTS of good friends!
    Many friends, but only some of them are close friends
  • 3
    Which best describes you as a person?
  • 4
    If someone came up to you and told you to do something COMPLETELY out of your mind, what would you do?
    Get naked and go streaking!
    Look at them funny and walk away...
    Laugh in their face and do nothing else!
    Kiss them (if they were opposite gender of course!)
    Pour a bucket of water over my head
  • 5
    Favorite color?
  • 6
    Favorite number? (1-10)
  • 7
    If you could choose between any animal, which would it be?
    Underground creature
    Sea creature
  • 8
    If you need to get rid of something (such as a secret note on paper) you will...
    Trash it
    Recycle of course!
    Burn it
    Wet it down so it's unreadable
    Tear it into a million little pieces (count EXACTLY a million)
  • 9
    Your friends think of you as...
    Quiet, Calm, Strong
    Absolutely beautiful!
    Dark and moody
    The happiest person EVER
    Caring and Thoughtful
  • 10
    You've been asked to be part of a commercial that will be shown all over the country. You...
    Mull it over some before making a decision
    Primp myself to PERFECTION
    Accept it right away and do the job
    Promptly refuse the offer
    Go along with it and GET PAID!
  • 11
    Someone speaking a foreign language comes up and begins talking to you. How do you react?
    Stay calm.... don't talk to strangers!
    Happily nod and smile as if I'm keeping up with the conversation
    I would try to figure out what they're saying but then walk away.
    I try to talk back in their language
    Ignore it and keep walking
  • 12
    You are faced with the challenge of a blank sheet of paper! Which natural feature will you draw?
    A Sunny Field
  • 13
    Hair color?
    Dirty Blonde
  • 14
    Do you talk a lot?
    Who should I talk to?
    Usually I do.
    I put in my bit but then I'll stay quiet for a while.
    I just sit and watch everyone else talk.... but I'll laugh when it's funny!
    OF COURSE! ALL the time!
  • 15
    You are walking down the street when you see a guy and a girl very close to each other! You...
    Ignore it....
    I would giggle..... this is so cute!
    Wish you were one of them.
    Suspect that they are in love and move on.
    Look at them funny and quickly walk away!
  • 16
    You come across an unexplored cave. You...
    Find some kind of light source and explore it!
    Leave it alone.
    Hide in it.
    Stock up on necessary provisions before carrying out the exploration.
    Run in right away!

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