How Kind Are You?

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Hey there! Welcome to 'How Kind Are You', the quiz that tells you exactly your kindness! Answer truthfully, or you won't be able to work on your niceness. Try as hard as you can and don't lie. The higher you get the nicer you are, but remember, don't feel bad about putting something really mean. No one will ever know!

  • 1
    There is a little girl behind you in a queue. She is crying because she has lost her mother! Do you...
    Ignore her completely?
    Help her to find her parents?
    Ask her what is wrong?
    Turn around and tell her to bog off?
  • 2
    Someone asks you out on a date but you all ready have a date for Saturday. There are four ways to say no. What do you say?
    Go away! Eew, you're so gross!
    No. I'm busy.
    No way! I'd never date you.
    I'd love to, but I'm sorry, I all ready have a date for Saturday.
  • 3
    You are walking down the road and a boy falls off his bike. There is no one around and he has cut himself. Do you...
    Shout, "You shouldn't be riding if you're that rubbish,"?
    Ignore him?
    Run immediately to help him and take him home?
    Ask if he is alright and leave him there?
  • 4
    You are playing volleyball on the beach and someone asks to play. They're about eighteen and they look as if they're bad at it. You don't really want them on your team, do you...
    Say, "No way! You look like you suck at it. You'll ruin the game."
    Say yes, but tell them to go to the other team.
    Or say, "Yeah, sure! Come on, be on our team"?
    Say, "Go away!"
  • 5
    Your little brother is seven years old and it's his eighth birthday tomorrow. He wants a super sized action figure. Do you...
    Buy him one that's reasonably priced?
    Buy him a scarf. He appreciates it or nothing?
    Buy him the exact one he wants, although all your money will be gone?
    Buy him nothing - he doesn't deserve it?
  • 6
    You are feeling really ill. Your temperature is up to 140 and everything around you seems to be spinning. Your 5 yr old son, Marcus, having been stuck in all day, comes running in and is desperate for you to take him the fair. You feel really bad. Do you...
    Tell him (nicely) you'll take him tomorrow and he can go on whatever he wants?
    Give him five pounds, shove him out of the house and tell him to go by himself?
    Shout at him and tell him to go to bed and leave you alone?
    Take him, sit on a wall and let him have a good time as you sit and puke?
  • 7
    Your husband is running for president and it is on the television. Your daughter Louisa wants to watch it but it is past her bedtime. Do you...
    Tell her to go to her room and get to sleep or she'll regret it?
    Record it for her and not watch it because it is unfair on her?
    Tell her to go to bed and you'll tell her the results?
    Let her stay up - after all, it is her Daddy?
  • 8
    Hubby has got tickets to Dancing on Ice. You personally hate it, but he spent the whole week getting hold of the tickets and he got the day off just for you, plus paying hundreds of pounds for them. Do you...
    Throw them in the bin?
    Rip them up and say the dog ate them?
    Tell him the truth?
    Go along just to keep him happy?
  • 9
    These next questions are ones about you:
    What is your favourite colour?
    Warming red?
    Sharpish yellow?
    Rosy pink?
    Pitch black?
  • 10
    What is your favourite season?
  • 11
    What's your favourite plant?
  • 12
    What is your favourite outing?
    At home?
    The museum?
    The zoo?
    The beach?
  • 13
    There are four foods set out on the table. You choose...
    The olives?
    The grapes?
    The mango?
    The chocolate?
  • 14
    You are most drawn to a...
    Fluffy kitten?
    Grizzly bear?
    Cuddly dog?
    China lady ornament?
  • 15
    You are at the zoo. What do you visit first?
    The monkeys?
    The penguins?
    The hyenas?
    The lions?

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kulthum baker ( 4.218 )
Posted 194 days ago
That was good...i really love questions like these...they are soo interesting