The Impossible `Scream' Quiz

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Here is a Scream quiz based on the movie and off-set movie facts. And when I say it's impossible, I mean it!

  • 1
    Kevin Williamson wrote the first and second `Scream' scripts, but who took credit for the third one?
    Kevin Williamson
    Henry Winkler
    Ehren Kruger
    Wes Craven
  • 2
    When Kevin Williamson was in high-school, he had to write a mini story and present it to his class. In the middle of it, his teacher said something to him. What did she say?
    Very good Kevin! But the bell is about to ring.`
    She didn't say anything.
    This subject is inappropriate. Please sit down.
    Sit down and shut-up. Don't try writing again!
  • 3
    In the first Scream, Casey Becker, played by Drew Barrymore, keeps crying. How did Wes Craven (the director) get Drew to cry?
    Wes told Drew how his cat got killed, and she thought it was heartbreaking, so he would continue to remind her of that.
    She is just really good at crying.
    Drew heard a story about people who intentionally lit their cat on fire, so he would keep reminding her of that.
    FYI, Wes Craven didn’t direct this film!
  • 4
    Drew Barrymore was supposed to play the role of Sidney Prescott, but her schedule became to busy and she decided to play Casey Becker because...
    She was Sidney! What are you smoking?
    She was supposed to play Casey Becker in the first place!
    The audience would never suspect such a huge star to be killed off right away like that.
    The audience would be happier killing Drew off earlier because her star status wasn't as big as Neve Campbells.
  • 5
    Wes Craven wanted an R rating for this film, but the rating buisness said it didn't deserve an R. So Wes went back and cut it and on what number of times did the rating business finally give `Scream' an R?
  • 6
    Kevin Williamson did not write the third script, but he still wanted to write some of it, so how many pages did he turn in to help make it better?
  • 7
    How much money did `Scream One' make in total?
    $ 174,000,000
  • 8
    How much money did `Scream One' make in total the first weekend it opened in theatres?
  • 9
    How much money did `Scream 2' make in total?
  • 10
    How much money did `Scream 3' make in total?
    Uh... I don't know...?
  • 11
    In the second Scream, the cast and crew were worried about...
    Being shut down
    What are you talking about? There was nothing to worry about! I think...
    The second one... there was a second one?
    The ending getting out before the movie came out in theatres
  • 12
    When did the first Scream come out?
    June 30, 1996
    December 21, 1996
    February 15, 1996
    January 4, 1997
  • 13
    Who is the editor of the Scream Trilogy?
    Kevin Williamson
    Patrick Lussier
    Wes Craven
    Cary Conrad
  • 14
    Name the colours of shirts Randy wears throughout the whole series. (IN ORDER!)
    Light Green, Red, and Green and Blue
    Light Green, Blue and Brown
    Red and Green, Purple and Orange and Funkalisious Pink
    Brown, Dark Green and Brown again
  • 15
    How old was David Arquette in the first Scream?

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