Call of Duty 4 quiz

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General trivia focused on parts of the Call of Duty 4 single player campaign and multiplayer.

  • 1
    Who is the playable character of the Marine Force Recon missions of the campaign?
    Lt. Vasquez
    Lt. Price
    Sgt. Jackson
    SSgt. Griggs
  • 2
    Of the SAS missions?
    Sgt. MacTavish
    Lt. Price
  • 3
    Where do the joint SAS/Russian Loyalists troops finally find Khaled Al-Asad?
    Prypiat, Ukraine
    "Unnamed" Middle-Eastern Country
  • 4
    How long has it been since the flashback mission (when you control Lt. Price)?
    15 years
    20 years
    6 months
    10 years
  • 5
    During the briefing of the assassination mission, when does Price say the last authorized assassination was?
    Persian Gulf
    First time
  • 6
    In the COD4 multiplayer, what is commonly referred to as a "noob-tube"?
    Barrel attached grenade launcher
    Handheld Grenade Launcher
    Rocket Launcher
  • 7
    What is the perk called, in Multiplayer, that drops a grenade when you are killed?
    Last Stand
    Stopping Power
  • 8
    How many kills do you have to get in a row to get a kill streak(the first time)?
  • 9
    What mode brings you back to level one (after achieving level 55) and gives you new rank symbols as you level up?
    True Player Mode
    Prestige Mode
    Obsessive Mode
    Indestructible Mode
  • 10
    How many times can you repeat the mode from the last question?
    As many times as you'd like
    Only one time
    10 times
    Never. the entire thing was a lie.
  • 11
    What four maps were in the Variety Map Pack released on Xbox Live?
    Broadcast, Graveyard, Prypiat, Killhouse
    Creek, Broadcast, Rooftop, Showdown
    Creek, Broadcast, Killhouse, Chinatown
    Showdown, Graveyard, Prypiat, Vacant
    Chinatown, Graveyard, Vacant, Broadcast
  • 12
    Which American soldier is not killed in the nuclear explosion and joins the SAS in the last few missions?
    SSgt. Griggs
    Lt. Vasquez
    Pvt. Freeman
    Sgt. Jackson
  • 13
    What is the gun you unlock in multiplayer that you can only get the headshot challenge for?
    G36C Assault Rifle
    P90 SubMachine Gun
    Barrett .50-Caliber Sniper Rifle
    Desert Eagle Pistol
    MP44 Assault Rifle

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