Which Death Note Wammy are You Most Like?

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Wammy's House was a place where the inventor Quillsh Wammy raised gifted children to become the world's next L. Which Wammy's House genius are you? Take the quiz to find out!

  • 1
    You are left to make a tough decision on your own. How do you decide what's best?
    I'll think things through carefully and take my time. It would be best not to be impulsive and risk a single mistake.
    I choose whichever option will get me what I want, no matter what that option may be.
    It depends on how I'm feeling when I make the decision and how I feel about the decision. Once I know that, I can then make a decision.
    I just make a decision... I'm not too concerned about how I do it. Whatever happens after I make the decision, happens. I can go with the flow.
    I first go with my gut feeling, and then find good ways to support it with plenty of info so I'm 110% sure of myself.
  • 2
    Now, try to imagine you are someone at the Wammy's house with a great intellectual ability. Someone (just a random someone, no one that you really know) has been murdered. This turns out to be a big problem. What do you do?
    I'll find out who the murderer is immediately once I can gain access to an information source.
    Gather together an organization that will help me slowly but surely catch the criminal.
    Someone's been murdered? Sounds like fun. The murdering part, I mean.
    Well, I'm obviously going to get to the bottom of this by taking major action! There's no time to just sit around and try to figure things out while not doing anything!
    I'll just wait until more stuff comes up until I take action. For now I wouldn't worry about it.
  • 3
    Someone stole your toothbrush.
    (This question is to test you on how you react to things.)
    What kind of an idiot goes around stealing toothbrushes? I'm going to find the idiot who did this...
    They'll pay. *smirk*
    Great, I'll just buy a new one.
    Oh well. I'll deal with it later.
  • 4
    The current L has just died and you are a possible candidate to be his successor. Your reaction to this sudden event?
    FINALLY! Now I can prove myself to be even better than L! I'll crush his reputation as the world's greatest detective! I will be the new and better L.
    It would be nice if I could work with someone on this, seeing as it may take more than one person to achieve greater heights than the original L.
    This is my chance to show the world that I can be... THE BEST!
    I suppose it's up to me now to deal the world justice. Time to take over.
    Dead? That's too bad, but what do you want me to do about it?
  • 5
    How's your attention span doing?
    Good enough. I'm only as patient as I need to be to get things done.
    I'd say I have an incredible amount of patience.
    Great. I'm pretty patient. I'm finding this test rather entertaining.
    I guess I'm doing alright. Patient enough, I suppose. *shrug*
    Maybe I'm not that patient.... but sitting around is no fun at all!
  • 6
    You are most likely to look up to?
    No one.
    Quillsh Wammy, I suppose. Without him there wouldn't be a place to raise more Ls.
    L. Who else is there to look up to!
    Intelligent people with a reasonable sense of justice.
    Logical people who have the power to think things through accurately and thoroughly.
  • 7
    How do you feel about your own death?
    I guess it's technically just the passing of one world to the next.
    I guess... it can't be helped, can it? No one lives forever, after all. Everything must come to an end at some point.
    Makes me wish I was some sort of immortal, though I know that there's no avoiding it.
    I've thought about it often, but there's just no telling when it will happen. That is unless I decide that for myself...
    Now that's something I don't really worry about until it starts to happen!
  • 8
    Your thoughts on what Kira has been doing? Do you agree or disagree with his actions?
    How could I possibly agree with that imbecile! How can he be justice if all he does is murder people and force the entire world into fear? It doesn't make any sense whatsoever, he contradicts himself.
    Completely disagree. Doesn't he realize that there can be no such thing as a perfect world? Kira really doesn't think realistically enough.
    Nah, I don't agree with him. Never really took the time to think about why, though.
    Of course I don't agree with what he's doing. But then can you really blame him for being power-hungry with that notebook? It would be hard to resist not using it for at least something.
    I agree with what he's doing to a point. But why just stick to killing only bad people?
  • 9
    What types of puzzles are you best at solving?
    Puzzles that take time and patience. Puzzles that really challenge me.
    I'm best at solving puzzles that take reason, skill, and complete devotion to solve.
    I'm not all that patient, so I admit that puzzles can occasionally be a little hard for me.
    I would rather create the puzzle than solve one.
    Tetris. =)
  • 10
    What is your idea of "justice"?
    You think I really care about "justice"?
    Logically correct.
    Being fair, kind, and reasonable at the same time.
    I dunno... justice?

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