How Well Do You Know “Into The Woods”?

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15 questions about the popular Sondheim musical.

  • 1
    What did the Baker's father steal from the Witch that caused her to curse him?
  • 2
    Why DOESN'T Jack's mother want to sell Milky White?
    No one keeps a cow for a friend
    There are flies in her eyes
    Milky White's getting old
    She (Milky White) is actually male
    She's worried that Jack's becoming a little too obsessed with his cow
  • 3
    What task does the Wolf suggest to Little Red Ridinghood so he can get ahead of her to Grandmother's house?
    Flower picking
    Taking the longer path
    Watching the sunset
    Bird watching
  • 4
    What task must Cinderella complete for her stepmother to allow her to go to the ball?
    Cook dinner
    Clean the house from top to bottom
    Convince her father to let her go
    Pick lentils out of the fireplace ashes
    Make Florinda and Lucinda's dresses
  • 5
    The Narrator plays another character in the play. Who is it?
    The Mysterious Man
    Rapunzel's Prince
    The Wolf
    Cinderella's Father
    Cinderella's Prince
  • 6
    Who is the Baker's sister?
    Jack's mother
    Little Red Ridinghood
    The Witch
  • 7
    What fashionable accessory does Little Red's grandmother make her?
    Wolf moccasins
    A necklace made of wolf bone
    A fur hat
    A wolf tooth bracelet
    A wolf fur cape
  • 8
    What character(s) appeared in the revival that weren't in the original production?
    The Three Blind Mice
    Snow White
    The Woodsman
    The Mysterious Man
    The Three Little Pigs
  • 9
    Where does the Baker get the 'hair as yellow as corn'?
    The Witch's garden
    The Baker's Wife gets it for him
    An ear of corn
  • 10
    What happens to Cinderella's stepsisters?
    The Witch curses them
    They are killed by the giant
    They get their eyes poked out by birds
    They marry the prince's younger brothers
    They become servants at the palace
  • 11
    Who has a special moment in the woods"
    The Witch
    The Mysterious Man
    The Baker's Wife
    Milky White
  • 12
    In the end, who's 'fault' is it?
    Little Red Ridinghood
    The Witch
    The Baker
  • 13
    Who is the only person the Witch says is at fault during the song "Your Fault"?
    The Baker's Father
    The Baker's Wife
    Little Red Ridinghood
  • 14
    Who played the Witch in the original Broadway production (1987)?
    Julia McKenzie
    Bernadette Peters
    Beverly Klein
    Carol Channing
    Vanessa Williams
  • 15
    What is the last thing said in the musical?
    "Into the woods, then out of the woods, and home before dark!"
    "No one is alone."
    "I wish!"
    "And they all lived happily ever after."
    "Once upon a time."

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