Are you a good friend?

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  • 1
    You and a friend are having a sleepover and your friend goes to get some popcorn. You find her diary on a dresser. What do you do?
    Totally read it!
    Sneak a page or two
    Nothing. It's HER privacy
  • 2
    You and your best bud aren't so popular. So a cool girl invites you to have lunch with her but your pal isn't allowed to come. What do you do?
    Say no thanks and eat lunch with your pal
    Totally ditch your friend
    Ask if your BFF is allowed to join
  • 3
    You and your BFF got in a stupid fight that was mainly YOUR fault. What do you do?
    Apologize and tell her how much you mean it
    Wait around for her to apologize
    Forget her and make new friends
  • 4
    You just won a radio contest and received a trip to California with one friend and both of you best buds want to go. What do you do?
    Take the friend that is the nicest
    Lie and say you lost
    Take a family member instead so it is fair and make sure your pals are OK
  • 5
    You are smarter than your BFF and it is obvious because she is a blonde. What do you do?
    Tutor her
    Make fun of her for being blonde
    Ignore the fact and move on
  • 6
    Your friend trips and falls in the school hallway and everyone is making fun of her. What do you do?
    Join the crowd and make fun of her
    Stick up for her
    Ignore and pretend you did not notice
  • 7
    You are mad at a friend because she told your deepest, darkest secret at a party you went to. She is quick to apologize. What do you do?
    Say whatever and make other friends
    Ignore her for awhile then eventually forgive her
    Say it's alright and tell her you forgive her
  • 8
    What is the LEAST important character trait of a friend?
    Being helpful
    Being kind
    Being pretty
  • 9
    Your friend likes to make fun of the new girl. What do you tell your pal?
    Ignore the whole problem and pretend it didn't happen
    She should be a little nicer and cut her some slack
    Get a life and stop being such a brat
  • 10
    Should you judge your friends by their family?
    Who cares
    Of course not