Are you really Best Friends Forever?

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Do you really have a best friend?
This is the way to find out.

  • 1
    You want to go to the mall with someone, who do you go with?
    Your sister(s)
    Your parents
    Your friend
  • 2
    Its your friends B-Day, you buy her:
    Something that shows your dead RICH
    A card
    Something @ the dollar shop.
    Something she would like to get.
  • 3
    A boy wants to go out with you and you do not know him well. Your friend tells you it's safer not to go.
    You follow your friends advice.
    You ignore your friend.
    You tell your friend you will be careful.
    You say she's just jealous.
  • 4
    Your friend have been planning this incredible slumber party just 4 you two but this popular girl comes along at asks if she can come.
    You make up an excuse that you've been planning to invite her all along.
    You say yes before your friend says anything.
    You talk about it with your friend first.
  • 5
    Your mum says you can bring a friend along to Disneyland with you.
    You take your friend along.
    You lie that your friend isn't around. (you do not want to die of embarrassment)
    You take no one, you want the rides for YOURSELF.
  • 6
    Your friend says you can be stupid sometimes.
    You tell her that she should check her IQ herself.
    You know she is just joking.
    You are angry at her.
  • 7
    Your friend invites this popular girl to her house instead of you just to get popular herself.
    You get revenge on your friend by making her trip at the cafeteria.
    You do not care. You did just the same thing to her.
    You tell her that its not really nice.
  • 8
    This girl tells you mean stuff about your friend and asks you if your friends with her.
    You say No just to get info on your friend.
    You say YES and tell the girl that everyone makes mistakes.
    You realise how stupid your friend acts sometimes and say NO.
  • 9
    People are laughing at your friend because she was daydreaming during class and when the maths teacher told her to answer what is 94+12 she said that Napoleon took over East Asia.
    You tell her its a good joke and laughs WITH her.
    You say that you do not know her.
    You laugh at her.
  • 10
    Your friend just bought this flashy yellow leggings and asks you if you like it.
    You tell her the truth but gently. Like it's not really my type.
    You get away from her because you feel embarrassed.
    You tell her she's a fashion dupe.

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