Are You A Vampire?

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This test is to see if you are a vampire. If you don't get the result you expected, don't worry. Maybe my test isn't as accurate as someone else's.

  • 1
    Do you like the taste of blood?
    Yes, I drink it often, but I only drink my own
    Yes, but I don't drink it, and I only taste my own....
    I drink it often, but I don't have to
    I can't live without it...
    I don't like it and/or have never tasted it
  • 2
    Are your hands icy cold?
    About half the time
    Always, but it doesn't bother me
    Nearly always, but they occasionally get very warm and I like it
    Always, but I hate it and I wish it would stop
  • 3
    Have you ever been bitten?
    I bit myself. Does that count?
    Not once!
    Once, on the hand
    Once, and I bit her/him right back!
    Once, on my neck and I passed out
  • 4
    Do you sleep at night?
    Of course, that's the best time!
    That's the only time I'm awake!
    I sleep whenever
  • 5
    Do you like daylight?
    No, I'm always getting sunburned
    I love it!
    No, why, do you like bursting into flames and becoming a pile of ashes?
    Meh, I like it and the moon about the same
  • 6
    What do you do with pointy wooden things?
    I ignore them
    I always keep them with me for safety
    I keep them in my room
    I throw them away and burn the trash!
  • 7
    Do you like vampires?
    My whole family are vampires!
    I am curious about the idea of being one, but I would be scared of a real one
    I slay them. In my sleep. By dreaming about slaying them.
  • 8
    Why are you taking this quiz?
    I wanted to know if you could actually tell if I was a vampire
    I wanted to know if I was a vampire! Duh!
    I wanted to see if it was good
  • 9
    Almost done. Do you have any pets?
    I like the idea of pets... sounds tasty...
    Only one. She/he is a special case.
    Loads! I love them!
    None. What does it have to do with anything?
  • 10
    Last question. How would you describe your teeth?
    Pearly white and smooth
    Fairly dirty and slightly sharp
    Pearly white with two sharp fangs
    Fairly dirty with two sharp fangs
    Pearly white and slightly sharp

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