What kind of child's toy are you?

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What toy should you be, and why does everyone love to play with you?

  • 1
    The dance is tomorrow, and you have no date. What do you do?
    I know exactly who to ask and what to say.
    Ask random people until someone agrees to go with me.
    Who cares? I will still be awesome with or without a date.
    I don't know. This is confusing...I need to sit and think a minute.
    Oh, no! Did I do something horrible?
  • 2
    Two good friends of yours are fighting over something petty, and they want you to pick a side. How do you react?
    I'll just choose the side of the friend I like better.
    Crack jokes at both of them, and make fun of the argument to make them see how stupid it is.
    I'll tell each of them separately that I am on his/her side, then gradually help them realize their friendship is stronger than this.
    I will choose the side of the argument that makes the most sense.
    Uh...I don't know! I don't know! I really can't decide! I'll likely just have a nervous breakdown.
  • 3
    You have some important things to do, and you need to go out...but it's raining! What do you do?
    Uggh! I need to run these errands, but I really can't afford to ruin this new outfit, and I don't know which is more important!
    Go ahead and go out. I don't care if I get soaked; I need a shower anyway.
    Go out...but I hope no one laughs at me if my clothes get muddy!
    I'll go find my umbrella and rain boots, and grab a cell phone in case it gets too stormy and I need to call someone.
    Run my errands, jumping through puddles along the way.
  • 4
    Hurry! Pick the right answer!
    This one is the right answer if I say so, and I say so.
    I shouldn't have to choose an answer, considering that this technically isn't even a question.
    I don't know...I'll chose this answer, but don't hate me if I'm wrong.
    Oh no! I don't know! This is messed up, I don't know the right answer!
    Ooh, ooh! This is the right answer! And if it isn't, go find where to stick your finger and leave me alone!
  • 5
    Happy Birthday! Will you accept this present?
    I don't know...(since this isn't my birthday, it seems a little fishy that you would just plain give me a present...but maybe it's just a gesture of kindness...but what if it's a rabid raccoon, or a stink bomb?)...er, sure.
    Sweet...Although today is REALLY my UN-birthday...but that deserves a present too, eh?
    Sure, because I am the bomb...even though it isn't my birthday.
    Why should I? It isn't my birthday, so it's probably a stupid prank.
    Oh, that's nice! Thanks! (It isn't my birthday, but I'll just accept this present to avoid trouble.)
  • 6
    (SPLAT!) Ha-Ha! That present WAS a prank! Suck-er! (How are you reacting to this?)
    I am un-fazed by this prank, and I do not care that I am covered in a shaving-cream pie.
    Oh, heh heh...yeah, you got me good. (Man, how was I so STUPID to fall for that? I feel so embarrassed!)
    I don't really know how to react. If I act embarrassed, I will seem weak. If I act cool, I might seem stupid...
    Hee hee...Good one! Haven't laughed like that in a while...Ha ha ha, heh heh! *wipes shaving cream off face*
    Ha! I never opened it! Nah nah nah nah nahhhh! I'm smart!
  • 7
    A friend comes to you for advice, saying that they just got totally back-stabbed by another friend of theirs. What do you do for them?
    I will tell him/her to be confident and do what is strong.
    Gah! I wasn't ready for this question! No one asks for my advice anyways!
    I tell him/her to try to work things out with a nice attitude and be the better person.
    Oh dear, here we go...I have been asked how to solve this kind of issue a million times!
    I'll suggest that he/she make fun of that person, and even give a few ideas...
  • 8
    You have suddenly shrunk to minuscule size, and your worst enemy is a giant, and is running after you with a sledgehammer. How do you escape?
    Le-e-et's pla-a-ay WHACK-A-MOLE!
    I'll just run in circles until they give up trying to squish me.
    I wake up.
    No! My life is over! I can't run away fast enough!
    I crawl all over his/her face and cause him/her to knock his/herself out.
  • 9
    Where's your cellphone? (Or where would you keep it mostly if you had one?)
    Right by me/in my pocket.
    Not sure, but I know all the places I should look.
    I'm charging it up, since the battery is low.
    Oh no, I must have lost it again...I don't know where it is.
    I've let my friend/sister/brother/et cetera borrow it, since theirs is charging now.
  • 10
    So what did you think of this quiz?
    I'm glad I took it...that was fun.
    Great...I guess..!
    I could have spent my time doing something more interesting.
    I don't know...
    It was written by a chimpanzee under scientific experimentation.

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