How Much Do You KNOW Degrassi: The Next Generation?

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Do you know Degrassi betta den anyone else you know? Well, do you know more den me? Do this quiz and we'll see!

  • 1
    Degrassi: The Next Generation is based on the previous Canadian hit shows _.
    Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High
    Degrassi 1st and 2nd Generation
    Degrassi Community School 1 & 2
  • 2
    How did Jimmy wind up in a wheelchair?
    He broke both legs.
    He was born with a disease.
    Rick shot him in his spine.
  • 3
    How are Ashley and Tobey connected?
    They are step-brother and step-sister.
    They went out a couple times.
    They are in the same band.
  • 4
    Are Danny and Liberty related?
    Yes! They are cousins.
    Yes! They are brother and sister.
    Nope, they are just friends.
  • 5
    Why doesn't Manny like Peter?
    He took advantage of her while she was drunk (on camera).
    He hurt Emma.
    He is a racist.
  • 6
    In the episode, "Jagged Little Pill", why did Jimmy break up with Ashley?
    She doesn't have anything in common with him.
    She made fun of him for being in a wheelchair.
    She took ecstasy.
  • 7
    Who were the 4 people responsible for the gonorrhea outbreak?
    Spinner, Darcy, Jimmy, Ashley
    Tobey, JT, Kendra, Liberty
    Jay, Jay's girlfriend, Alex and Emma
  • 8
    Who all got pregnant on this show?
    Kendra, Ashley, Jane
    Holly J., Hazel, Darcy, Emma
    Liberty, Manny, Mia, and Spike
  • 9
    Who portrays the role of Jimmy Brooks?
    Mike Lobel
    Aubrey Graham
    Shane Kippel
  • 10
    Who's Trina?
    Another Lakehurst girl...
    Jay's girlfriend
    Someone Jimmy met in physio.
  • 11
    Who is engaged?
    Ashley / Jimmy
    Emma / Sean
    Manny / Jay
    Emma / Damion
    Ashley / Craig
  • 12
    Who made it big in their music career?
    Jimmy and Ashley
  • 13
    Who portrays the role of JT?
    Ryan Cooley
    Mike Lobel
    Pat Mastroianni
  • 14
    How did JT and Tobey originally know each other?
    Their parents grew up together and they hung out.
    They were enemies in elementary school.
    From a summer camp they both went to.
  • 15
    What is Manny's dream career?
  • 16
    Who had raped Paige?
  • 17
    What dink did the school advertise to raise money for school academics?
    Red Witch
    Diet Coke
    Red Bull
    Purple Dragon
  • 18
    What girl does everyone always talk about but we only see once throughout the whole show?
    Heather Sinclaire
    Janet Lavenski
    Brittney P. Sinclaire
  • 19
    Who are the 2 people who learned the disadvantages of the internet-- the hard way?
    Emma and Darcy
    Hazel and Paige
    Darcy and Jane
  • 20
    Who was Downtown Sasquatch?
    A famous band everyone idolizes.
    Jimmy, Craig, Marco, Ellie
    A name of a gang in their town.

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