Hard Twilight Saga quiz

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Sick of boring tests about twilight with easy and predictable answers? So are we... so we made the culleniceous quiz for you... YES YOU!
Oh, and no looking at your books you cheat

  • 1
    (Twilight) What class does Bella have in building 6?
    Trigonometry with Varner
    Spanish with Signora Cheese
    P.E with Clapp
    Biology with Banner
    Government with Jefferson
  • 2
    (New Moon) What was the show called that Bella and Jacob were watching on the discovery channel?
    Pimp my ride
    Rebuilding motor motorcycles
    Monster Garage
    Cars and stuff
    Motors Galore
  • 3
    (New Moon) What was the name of the horror movie that Bella and Jessica went to see?
    Living Dead
    One night in Paris
    Dead of Night
    Dead End
    Dead Zombie
  • 4
    (Eclipse)What was the designer that Alice employed for Bella's wedding dress?
    Michelle Le Terd
    Clemence De Buef
    Perrine Bruyere
    Michael Fernand
    Paol Luerence
  • 5
    (Twilight) What was the shirt Bella was wearing in Pheonix before she left for Fork?
    A black threaded top
    A white lacey shirt
    An ACDC shirt
    A blue halter neck
    A turtle neck
  • 6
    (Twilight) What was the name of the waitress who served Bella and Edward in the Italian restaurant?
  • 7
    (New Moon) Where does Alice Cullens niece live?
  • 8
    (Eclipse) When did Bella tell Alice the latest date in which she could hold the wedding?
    August 9th
    August 13h
    August 10th
    August 11th
    August 6th
  • 9
    (Twilight) What is chapter 15 called?
    The Cullens
    Mind over Matter
    The Game
  • 10
    (All books) Who is the sexiest person in the world?
    Harry Potter
    My dad
    That old pervert down the street
    Edward Cullen
    Zac Gayfron