What kind of CRAZY are you?

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Are you weird crazy? scary crazy? pie crazy? there is a lot of crazies to choose from... which one are you?

  • 1
    When did you last eat a snail?
    I don't eat snails, I take off their shells and watch them squirm
    Last night . . . with salami and BBQ sauce!
    Ooooo . . . a button . . . yellow cookies . . . @_@
    Snails? Freak.
    Anebfsk, lu/SNAILSjhvgakeugvb . . . ooo
  • 2
    Finish this nursery rhyme:
    Row, row, row your boat . . .
    Just keep rowing... You didn't see anything...
    The clock struck 1, the mouse ran down
    Something about don't scream at crocodiles
    And I care, why?
  • 3
    You see a rubber chicken hanging from a skyscraper: what do you do?
    Figure out how long it takes until it screams
    Walk away. Only a creep would stare at THAT thing
    Try and hit it with a car
    The knuckles! The horrible knuckles!
    Stare at it creepily
  • 4
    What are you scared of?
    I'm allergic to fear! AAAAAAAA
    I'm not scared. I scare others.
    Purple eyebrows
    Heights, spiders, NORMAL things like that
  • 5
    Halfway there!
    This quiz is BOOOOO
    I'm lost
    And . . .?
    Only 5 more question until I can eat you...
    Math? who said anything about math? I hate maths!
  • 6
    If a stray cat walks up to you, do you:
    Eat a ham in front of it
    Eat it in front of a ham
    I'm still lost
    Pat it then send it away, I guess.
    Run and scream
  • 7
    How long does it take to tie a knot in a string?
    But.. but... I can't tie a snot in a king!
    I would only tie one if it holds you to a chair
    What kind of knot do you want? I can do the Intestine!
    Well... I guess it wouldn't take long if I wasn't lost
    Um... There is sooo much information missing. Weirdo.
  • 8
    Where would you rather live?
    In my own house. DUH!
    In an underwater castle with fire-breathing chickens
    On a flea
    In a hole
    In a dark, damp basement with all my vict-- . . . ahem
  • 9
    Where do you hide if you are being chased by a badger?
    Indoors. You know, where normal people go?
    I lure it into my trap
    In the pool
    In a badger hole
    Behind a lamp post
  • 10
    Last question!
    WHY did I even bother taking this freakish quiz?
    About time!
    Weirdo ahoy!
    HI END! Make me a sandwich!
    Ummm... flaming 99?

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