Which Batman villain are you?

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This quiz is to test which Batman villain matches you best. This is my first time creating a quiz so there might be some mistakes.

  • 1
    How would you trap Batman?
    Give him toxic medicine! It'll make him wet his pants!
    He hates riddles, right?
    Fina a weakness, smile, and then just shoot the living heck out of him!
    I already trapped him! Even he would fall for me!
    Why do I have to trap him? My umbrellas can take care of that!
  • 2
    If you were going to take over Gotham City, how would you do it?
    I already control Gotham City. Everyone is afraid of me!
    Laughing gas! Really, what's so funny?
    Penguins with machine guns! What else could be any more deadly?
    Gotham City loves me, and I didn't even poison them!
    Curiosity! Everyone would be curious, blowing up houses and seeing what it looks like inside humans!
  • 3
    Where would you build your lair?
    My beautiful garden! My sweet babies want their mommy with them!
    The Arctic! Aren't the penguins there beautiful?
    A chemical plant! They make laughing gas, right?
    Beware crows! I'm building my lair in my dead garden!
    Beneath a poem store!
  • 4
    The police have got you surrounded in your lair! What would you do in that situation?
    They all look so sick! It's time to give them my special medicine.
    Do the police like jokes?
    Riddles smooth the mind, don't they?
    My penguins would show their cute penguin faces at them, and then would attack!
    No fair! I didn't brew enough love yet!
  • 5
    Batman caught you and threw you in prison. How would you escape?
    How could a bat catch a penguin?
    This doesn't make any sense!
    How could he catch me?
    He's Batman! How could someone like him catch me?
    Wait! What?
  • 6
    You robbed a bank and riding away in regular car when Batman is chasing you with his Batmobile. How would you outrun him?
    It would be a little hard for me to drive laughing all over.Again, what's so funny about that?
    Wouldn't he be too scared to drive?
    Here comes penguins to the rescue!
    Why is he chasing me? Shouldn't he be taking a poetry class?
    Why doesn't he chase someone else?
  • 7
    Batman had just beat up all of your henchman. What would you do now?
    Again, take a poetry class!
    A bat vs a penguin. Hmmmmmm.
    That would even scare me!
    I would forgive him. It was just a joke, right?
    Well, he had let his jealousy get the best of him.
  • 8
    Batman had just destroyed your lair. How would you get revenge?
    In a week, he's going to look back at this and laugh.
    My penguins want revenge, not me.Ohhh man! Their battle s going to be legendary!
    I would sign him up for a poetry class.
    I can't blame him. He probably thought my lair was a huge bat.
    I'd sue him.
  • 9
    Batman found your location and he's coming after you, but you're sick! What do you do?
    I wouldn't lose hope. I'd just keep on smiling. Oh forget it! When he gets here just blow his frikin' head off!
    Can't he come another time?
    Just go to a hospital.
    Too bad my medicine doesn't heal.
    How am I supposed to get sick? I eat fish.
  • 10
    Batman broke your favorite possession. How do you plan on breaking his?
    I'd spread love poison all over Wayne Enterprises.
    Why would Batman do that?
    I'd take all his fish.
    I'd blow up his house.
    I'd have my crows destroy all his gadgets.

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