Have Common Sense or are you just Dumb?

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Everyday life experiences...how do you respond?

  • 1
    The traffic light turns green. It is okay to go when:
    You take a quick gander left, right and straight ahead and if it's all clear, step on the gas.
    You finish taking your finger out of your nose and see what you have found.
    Oh, duh? It's green. Does that mean it's my turn to go?
    You hang up your stupid cell phone.
  • 2
    You are looking at the movies in your local movie store.
    You get pissed when someone walks in front of your 3' space that you have left so you can view the movies from a safe distance and block everyone’s passage.
    Go ahead, you can stand right up there and look at those movies. See what you are picking out. Don't block the way mind you.
    Stand back from the movies about 3' thereby creating plenty of space between you and the movies located so nicely on their shelves.
  • 3
    Your dog is out back in his/her kennel for a little fresh air. S/he starts barking and doesn't stop for 30 minutes or so. What do you do?
    Continue to be a couch potato, eating your dinner, drinking your 6 pack, etc and ignore the fact that your dog may be disturbing the entire neighborhood.
    Hmmmm? Don't know!
    Step outside and holler at the dog. Tell him to stop barking. However, you would have done this immediately.
  • 4
    I'm driving along and decide that I am going to make a turn at the next street. To follow proper driving procedures, what do I do?
    Slam on my brakes and turn.
    I plan in my mind, about a block or so ahead, knowing that I have to let others know where I am going to be taking my vehicle for safety reasons, etc. Therefore, I put my signal on first a good distance before the turn and then put my brakes on as I slow or while turning.
    About a block before I make my turn I begin putting on my brakes, slowing down, start to make my turn, slowly mind you and THEN put on your turning signal.
  • 5
    It's a Saturday night. You have a few friends over for a small get-together. It's getting kind of late. Out of respect for the other neighbors what would you do?
    Because you’re too drunk to even care, party on dude!
    Oh, what the heck! It's only midnight. If we are having fun, the neighbors must be having fun too. If we are awake, they must all be awake too.
    Turn the music down. Stop everyone from screaming. Take it indoors or just tell everyone it's time to wrap it up.
  • 6
    You are in front of your home talking with your friends or neighbors while your little children are playing happily out front. One of the children happily pedals his little bike out into the road, in front of oncoming traffic. What would you do?
    You stand there laughing hysterically because you are a moron.
    You freak! Run out and grab your kid and take him to safety and emphasize with him the need to stay in yard, etc..
    Oh My Goodness! What do I do now? I'm not fit to be a parent.
  • 7
    You have huge speakers in the trunk of your car. The kind that vibrate the bones of people in their very houses as I drive down the street. But, how will I play my music?
    I am so cool and I am going to turn my music up and then everyone else will know how cool I am too!
    I know that not everyone wants to hear my music as I drive through the neighborhoods and on the city streets, therefore, I will be smart (little spoiler here) and turn it down unless I am on a major freeway or at a car show.
    What! I can't hear what you are saying!
  • 8
    Just a random question...You go to the grocery store, pick your items and go to the cash register. Your total is $10.35. You give the clerk a $20 bill. What is your change?
  • 9
    If you want to advance through a person or a group of people that are blocking an area that you want to go. What do you do?
    Just push everyone out of the way.
    Say "excuse me" politely and proceed.
    Stand there, don't say a word and expect them to take notice of you or perhaps read your mind of your intentions.
  • 10
    A character question...You find a wallet on the side of the road. The wallet contains all I.D. needed to find the owner and it also contains approx. $500. What do you do?
    What wallet? I didn't see no wallet.
    Make all efforts to contact the owner of the wallet and return it to them in its entirety (money included).
    Take the money. Call the owner and return it to them, empty.

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