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How well do you know the lyrics to these songs?

  • 1
    "All the wasted time, the hours that were left behind, they answers that we'll never find..."
    They'll mean everything sometime
    They don't mean a thing tonight
    They mean everything tonight
  • 2
    "And do you ever feel like you're alone? And do you ever wish to be unknown?..."
    I can't say I have
    I can say I have
    I will say I have
  • 3
    "I want you to know with everything I won't let this go..."
    These words are my heart and soul
    As I bleed my heart out to show
    I hold onto this moment you know
  • 4
    "I recognise the way you make me feel, it's hard to think you might not be real..."
    I sense it now, the water's getting deep
    I try to wash the pain away from me
    I close my eyes and you don't walk away
  • 5
    "A pebble in the water makes a ripple effect, every action in this world will bear a consequence..."
    When you drown you may not make a sound
    If you wade forever you will surely drown
    Floating forever, what if you drown
  • 6
    "There's a piece of you that's here with me, it's everywhere I go it's everything I see..."
    You were begging me not tonight
    When I sleep I dream and it gets me by
    You're apart of me I can't say goodbye
  • 7
    "Do you know what it's like to feel so in the dark? To dream about a land where you're my shining star?..."
    Even though it seems like it's too far away
    Even though everything seems far away
    Even though the things you want are far away
  • 8
    "Open you eyes and look outside, find the reasons why, you've been rejected..."
    And I'm not going to help you find out why
    So why don't you find what's been left behind?
    And now you can't find what you've left behind
  • 9
    "She wants to be found, the only way out is through everything she's running from..."
    Wants to give up and lie down
    She has to stand strong, don't lie down
    She'll live through her pain, stand you're ground
  • 10
    "These hands that I hold behind my back are bound and broken..."
    By your doing
    By my own doing
    Through your doing
  • 11
    "She says it all without a thought in her head, she says it all when she's pressed up against me..."
    A little problem but it's all in your head
    A little more and I'll fall off the planet
    A little something just to take off the edge
  • 12
    "The later on, on the drive home, I called her mom from a pay phone..."
    I said I was the cops, and your daughter's in jail
    I said I was the cops, and your husband's in jail
    I said I was the cops, and your best friend's in jail
  • 13
    "We live, we love we forgive and never give up..."
    Cause the days we are given are gifts from above
    But today we remember to live and to love
    We could say that we love but it's never enough
  • 14
    "You're something beautiful, a contradiction"
    I wanna break this spell, not an addiction
    I want my freedom, not a restriction
    I wanna play the game, I want the friction
  • 15
    "Everyone's the same, my fingers to my toes..."
    We just can't get a ride but we're on the road
    That's the sound, that's the sound we're waiting for
    We just can't get enough but it's all for show
  • 16
    "Sometimes I feel like I trusted you too well, sometimes I..."
    Just feel like screaming at myself
    Just wanna scream into my hell
    Just wanna scream at you myself
  • 17
    "We are the angry and the desperate, the hungry and the cold..."
    We are the ones who who kept silent and always did what we were told
    We are the ones who were empty and always did what we were told
    We are the ones who kept quiet and always did what we were told
  • 18
    "So give me a smile that makes me go wild.."
    Give me a stare not a glare
    Give me a trace of what's on your face
    Give me the look that got me so hooked
  • 19
    "Little boy on the telephone, you've been away and now you wanna come home..."
    It's kind of strange since you were the one who left me on my own
    You say you're sorry but you were the one who left me on my own
    You say you've changed, you say you've grown, but you left me on my own
  • 20
    "Your arms are my castle, your heart is my sky..."
    You keep me so I won't die
    You hold me up so I can fly
    You wipe away tears that I cry

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